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What Office Chair Is Right For Me? Variety of Quality, Features, and Budget

Entering a shop of chairs, you will see hundreds of chairs. If you don’t research before buying, you totally have to depend on the salesman. Not a good idea, right? Yes, you are in the right place to have accurate information about the answer to the question of what office chair is right for me. While buying an office chair, you need to keep in mind a few things: quality, budget, and health effects. This article is wholesome. I’ll add which type of chair suits officials’ health, including the budget and quality factor. Let’s see how the office chair varies.

What Office Chair is Right for Me | Variety of Quality 

The right quality product is our priority. A product with the best quality is always right for you. Let’s see the criteria a chair needs to be fulfilled to be right for you.


How beautiful any piece of furniture is essential to us, and chairs are no exception. A lot of the time, we aim to buy products that look like relatively beautiful products. So I would always recommend buying a chair that is good and beautiful. But the beauty of a thing is a relative matter. What looks useful to you may not be so great to me. In the same way, I like it, but you may not like it. So I will not give any extraordinary suggestion as to what kind of chair you like, and you will choose it yourself. Nowadays, I have noticed that chair manufacturing companies offer many different colors and designs with captivating designs. So hopefully you will be able to easily choose the product you need.


Most of the time we buy chairs during office set up. And one of our goals is to buy a perfect product that will serve us for a long time. Ads are lubricating, every company will say their product will last a lifetime. They will definitely puzzle you, and you will fall into confusion. Depending on what kind of material the product is made of, how long the product will last, and how well it will last. Many times the design of durable products is not very good, and it is ubiquitous. But learning about the materials and their shortcomings will show you the right path. I am describing it in the following point.


A chair can be made of different materials, and this field is quite huge. However, I will try to briefly discuss all the elements that we commonly see.

●    Fabric Covered chair:

Such chairs were more common in the past and are now less common. These chairs in the office are comfortable and beautiful, but there are some problems with these chairs. As the fabric is susceptible and can be a problem if it is torn and sometimes if a food item falls in any way it can cause serious color problems.

●    Vinyl Chairs:

Office chairs with vinyl alone are not very common. Its presence can be noticed in the combination of two or three elements. This material is exceptionally preferred by me as it will give you a much longer time service. However, there are disadvantages, such as the fact that the chairs made with this material are relatively low and comfortable. But the chairs that are made using other soft products are excellent.

●    Wooden chair: 

From ancient times, the wooden chair has always occupied the place of human preference. It cannot be said that the demand for S has decreased in this era, but the demand of people towards it is increasing day by day. Comfortable back cover and is attached to the wooden chair to eliminate the hardness issue. It is incredibly durable, and a chair with good quality wood may last a lot of time, 20 to 30 years. But I have doubts about how useful a wooden chair is for sitting in the office for long periods. As well as the office chair, there is no opportunity to adjust it.

●    Faux Leather:

The demand for leather chairs goes backs a long way. But collecting leather is just as difficult and costly as it involves animal slaughter and intensively. Besides, it can be seen that the color variety of this leather is meager. So the need for faux leather is increasing day by day, and it is mainly made from polyvinyl chloride. Although not as durable as genuine leather, it is highly designable and medium durable. However, most of the time, these genuine leather or faux leather chairs are much more expensive than other chairs. But is it worth it? Although leather chairs look very elegant, it is not my favorite preference as it’s less breathable. Of course, leather and faux leather chairs are fantastic on a high budget.

●    Mesh material:

This material is the most popular one over time. In recent days, most of the exclusively designed ergonomic featured chairs are made of mesh material. But why is this material so popular? This is so breathable, adjusted with the body quickly, affordable in price, and overall best. If you ask me which material made the office chair is right for you, my answer is mesh. There is a disadvantage, though. The low-quality mesh will be less comfortable over time.


All types of a chair may not be in a nearby shop. But in the 21st century, it’s not a problem anymore. All you have to do is go to Amazon, select the chair you want, and pay for it. However, The mesh material office chair is ordinary in shops, but still not available in the countryside. In that case, online shopping is your trump card. If you ask what can be your choice instead of a mesh material chair, my answer is, go for leather. Pure leather chairs are so durable, look elegant, though they are much costly.

User review: 

You should check it out when you are doing online shopping. In Amazon, I feel reliable while shopping because I can check the product ratings and reviews. Don’t be a blind truster. Because sometimes the rough use and carelessness can also be the reason for being less durable. But avoid those products which have ratings below 3. I hope this trick will help you choose a good product, the right chair for you.

What Office Chair is Right for Me | Variety of Features 

A right chair consists of different features too. Let’s see what features are significant. When you start thinking about what office chair is right for me, especially focus on the features.

Height and Width:

The height of a chair is usually avoided. But it’s a significant factor, as the height of you and the height of the table both are related to the height of a chair. Adjustable height is my favorite. Because your height won’t match with everyone. Most of the office chairs have an adjustable height feature. And the width is also important. If you are chubby, the width is so essential for you too. And most of the time, the width is not adjustable. To find the chair that suits you most.

Back Support: 

Your chair should give you perfect back support. Almost all types of office chairs offer upper back support. But if they are not curved enough, it won’t reduce your back pain and give lower back comfort. So, a curved back is so significant. Don’t miss the part because your spinal health is deeply related to the factor of the backrest. The wooden or vinyl chairs are bad at giving back support. In this case, leather and mesh material chairs are good enough.


Do you know headrest is a significant feature to ensure comfort? We often miss the part, as we think the resting of the head is not so significant in the office. But actually, it is. When you sit for a long time in an ordinary chair with no headrest, your neck pain may get started. Also, in the lake of rest, you will be tired soon. Resting is a significant part of our office life because humans cannot work continuously. You need rest, and the headrest feature will be there to give your neck comfort. See more about headrest features- Are headrests necessary? and Steelcase gestures with headrest.


The armrest is also a significant feature. We use armrests almost all the time. But it’s not always right. Such as, you should avoid using an armrest while typing. But how can you avoid it, if its position is fixed? So before buying a chair, try to buy one which gives you the adjustability of the armrest. My recommendation is, always try to find one with curved arms. The curved arms are far better than the straight arm office chair. The newly designed ergonomic office chairs are specially made with curved armrests, giving your arms proper rest and comfort.


Who wants to sit on a hard chair? Hopefully, we all are the same in this case; we look for a soft chair. Mesh material chairs are so breathable and soft. The fabric-covered chairs are also like that. Both of them are good. Personally, I experienced the most comfort in the foaming chair. But a foaming chair is not suitable for your health. Let the foamy sitting experience stay in your drawing room, your office room suits a soft but healthy chair. So, I suggest you avoid too soft a foamy chair, they will also create sweating. But a well soft chair with ergonomic properties is right for you.

What Office Chair is Right for Me | Variety of Budget 

How much benefit you are going to get is mostly dependent on the price fact. The reason is simple, the right quality product costs more. A chair may not be the all-in-one combo. In fact, in a low-budget chair, you may not get most of them. Let’s see how the price varies in an office chair.

Low budget office chair:

3Ergonomic office chair in the lowest budget, yes this is possible for only around $50-$100 You may not get all the features, but they are pretty good for a low budget.

Mid Budget office chair:

This category is my favorite. The range varies from $150-$500. You will get excellent, super-efficient chairs in this budget. Also, they will meet up almost most of your requirements.

High budget office chair:

An office chair may cross the price of $1000. If you are passionate and looking for the most perfect chair, excellent material for long-lasting use, go for a high-budget chair. They will meet all your requirements. In this budget, you will get excellent quality leather material chairs, best mesh chairs too.

Health Effect: Ergonomic or General?

While talking about the office chair, you can’t ignore a question: “Is this chair good for health”? Because an office chair is not just a component for a short period of use. But in the office, the time is so long. And for a long time using a chair, back pain will knock you soon. But how to get rid of it? The solution is here for you- the ergonomic office chair. These types of chairs are specially manufactured for the officials, to give the best comfort of them.

But why not a general chair? Are they comfortable too sometimes, right? A general office chair may be the right choice for you if you only spend 1 or 2 hours on the chair. Sometimes you can use them while studying something. Because they are soft and give comfort at a specific time. But when defining what office chair is right for me, you need to be concerned about more things. But health benefits depend on a lot more things.

For example:

Ergonomic chairs give you the right posture of sitting. You won’t feel the extra softness, but your upper body, the lower back will have excellent support. This helps prevent your back pain, even if you are already a patient of mild or moderate back pain, it will help you improve the condition.

These chairs are adjustable most of the time. And adjustability plays a significant role in comfort. I prefer the chairs which are adjustable in height, backrest, armrest, and even headrest, as all of these are significant.

Final Verdict 

Everyone’s choice and priority may differ in every factor, with no exception in choosing an office chair. Aesthetic properties are sometimes our primary focus when you are an owner of a fashion-related business or just an aesthetic person. So, the answer to what office chair is right for me varies from person to person.

Quality might be the most important for you, because, for many, durability is the most significant factor. And many of us don’t want to spend too much on a chair, we want a budget-friendly but good quality chair. However, for all of us, one thing should be familiar with health. So, don’t overlook the ergonomic features.

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