Steelcase Gesture With Or Without Headrest

Are Headrests Necessary? Steelcase Gesture With Or Without Headrest

Typing fast over the keyboard, checking files- a busy day in your office. Then you feel the need to take a rest for a while. You sloped on the chair, and feel a comfortable head resting tool of your chair. Seems impressive, right? Comfort is the pre-choice- whenever we buy any office or gaming chair. Sometimes we notice renowned brands make excellent chairs but skip the headrest part. So, are headrests necessary?  In this article, I’ll figure out whether the headrest is a significant feature or not. And also, Steelcase gesture with or without headrest, which one you should prefer.  

Overview of Headrest Feature

The elongated part of the chair supports your neck and head while sitting in the headrest feature. The headrest feature is a comparatively new addition. In modern design, it is a significant addition for a comfortable seating position and resting.  Even nowadays it can be found in most of the typical office chairs.  

 It is said that the chair was first made in 3100 BC in Egypt. The chair was traditional and without the specially made chair for kings- no exception could be seen. From the 20th century, design variants started coming. The manufacturer tried more and more to develop the features. After the fantastic revolution of the health sector, people started thinking about making furniture pieces sound for health. 

In continuity, people started to think are headrest necessary or not. So, now you can enjoy features like a headrest. I’ve distinguished the type of headrest into two types, considering the angles and structure.    

●       Full curved headrest: This one is common, and in the office, you may have seen this kind of chair. This type is most popular in breathable mesh office chairs because a full curved system offers the best comfort. Just keep your head, and it will hold your head and give you comfort like a sweet hug. But are they good for health? Well, they are not wrong. But it won’t help you to reduce your pain. But people always go for comfort. So, you also may choose a full curved one. 

●       Straight headrest: This type of headrest is mostly seen in gaming-style chairs. They are straight yet much comfortable and removes your extra neck pain. A straight headrest is not as comfortable as a fully curved one; still, the choice varies, and the straight one is not less popular. The main disadvantage is this is not an adjustable headrest. So the comfort level will never be the same as an amazing chair like a Steelcase gesture with a headrest.                        

Why is a Headrest Necessary? 

The headrest is a necessary feature. But how necessary is it? This feature is optional. There are thousands of chairs that do not have a headrest, yet they are bestsellers. But, this feature is for those people who don’t compromise with the best comfort. Many of us think this is unnecessary. 

Why would a headrest be so significant? This one is an essential part of ensuring the best comfort in the office. I’ve listed some points about the necessity of the headrest feature. Let’s see how the headrest works for us.   

Better support on your spine:

Your spinal health is so significant. So while buying a chair, you should choose one which is much more good for your spine. And the headrest healthy posture is directly connected with spinal health. Comfortable sitting position, adjustable headrest, and good posture for all-day all are equally important. A good and fully curved one is so comfortable that it would heal your spinal pain in a minute. So if you are the one who concerns about the support of the neck and spine, go for it. For all-day-long comfort and the best spinal support, a headrest is a must.

Effects of productivity:

This fact gets ignored, but it deserves mention. Well, this is not a proven fact. But this is a mass experience. When you work for a long time, in the same state, your productivity decreases without giving your body some rest. A headrest gives you healing and hugging feelings. So, when you get back to work after having a bed-like rest in the headrest, you feel more energetic. Your energy level boosts when you take a small but effective break. 

So finally we can say, the answer to the question “are headrest necessary” is yes, it directly doesn’t affect productivity. But the resting it ensures is Influential to return to work on new ventures. So, this concept illustrates the convergence that your productivity gets increased by a headrest in the chair.

Back pain relief:

At a young age, the back pain problem is not our concern. But when we enter the age of 40, back pain is a huge problem. Even every day, a mid-age person comes back from the office with back pain. The reason behind back pain is not only having a good chair but there might also be problems like calcium deficiency.

But a long time sitting in a chair affects your body and aggravated pain. Even, sometimes the reason behind the back pain is the only chair. The headrest plays an important role in the best posture for back pain and even taking a short nap between works. You may not understand the difference instantly. Because it takes a long time to be a patient of back pain. When you use a chair with a headrest, in the long run, it will be effective to get rid of back pain. So, as a preventive step, a chair-like headrest gesture with a headrest is badly needed to get relief from intolerable back pain.

Have a nap:

You may think sleeping during work time is a crime. But research does not say so. Even, it says totally on the contrary. A 20 minutes nap, a mid-day, increases your productivity twice. This has been shown in many studies. When you work 3-6 hours, sleep may not be a necessary thing. 

But many working people who work more than 6 hours need a nap badly. Because a straightforward brain is so important to give the best productivity. Also, freelancers need such a nap within the work time. A headrest will be your saver while you need a nap. 

Have the best comfort:

Comfort is the first criterion you should consider. Because when investing in a chair, we sit in it, the first thing we expect is comfort. Well, the only headrest is not enough to have the best comfort. But it’s a significant feature that can change your mood in a second. A Steelcase Gesture is much more than the only headrest. It has a well-curved Midwest backrest system. Also, this kind of chair is easily movable, not noisy at all. These features are seen in a Steelcase gesture, where the headrest is a significant one. See more about Steelcase gestures chair- Steelcase gestures with headrests features

So, here I’m ending the explanation of the necessity of a headrest in an office chair. But there are other opinions too against it. In the next point, I’m explaining the argument of Steelcase gesture, with or without headrest- which one is better.          

Steelcase Gesture: With or Without Headrest? 

Steelcase gesture is the first choice regarding office chair for many of us. The material of this chair is good enough to hold a person of 250-350 lbs. They look cool, easily portable, and have lots of features too. They are more durable, and their comfort is better than any other type of chair. That’s why this kind of chair has been popular among the professional. 

There is a lot of variety of Steelcase gestures. Some have headrest features, and some have not. But one thing surprised me. You may find there is no option for headrest or without headrest while buying a particular Steelcase gesture.

Why do companies make different versions of the same chair? That’s an interesting question. I was so curious about the fact, and I wanted the exact reason. That is why I have communicated with a manufacturer and professional. Then he answered me that the main reason is the customer’s choice. Many customers don’t like headrests, and there are lots of customers who badly need a headrest. Now here needs a comparative discussion.

Steelcase gesture without headrest

Sometimes we want to ignore hazards, and you may go for a simple choice. The headrest is not the feature that you always need. You may use it 2-3 times a day, during a coffee break. And that’s why so many people don’t care about it. Moreover, they don’t want to spend extra money to add a feature that Isn’t always used. There’s another point. The price range is also a factor, however, Steelcase isn’t a budget chair. Rather it’s a heavy-duty task chair with the best chair dimensions.     

The setting up of a headrest may seem problematic. And you need to change chair dimensions regularly. This seems hazardous. The solution is- fixed headrest. But is a fixed headrest a good solution? Absolutely not. A non-adjustable headrest has some disadvantages too. It is so uncomfortable as we have different sized neck and head shapes and it can even cause pain because the comfortable sitting on a chair using a headrest depends on your height. So, a fixed one may not suit you. You’ll be a sufferer if you buy a non-adjustable one. Some people want to ignore these hazards, so they simply buy one without a headrest.                       

Steelcase Gesture with headrest 

I’ve already mentioned the positive sides of buying one with a headrest feature. Here I want to add some info you need to know. A steel case gesture with a headrest may last longer than a general one because the pressure gets distributed among the head part too.

But before buying, Don’t forget to check whether it is adjustable or not. Read the reviews to learn the real experience of people. However, I’ve seen Steelcase gestures without headrests are mostly used. And the fact gets ignored most of the time.              

Final Words

Now come to the final verdict, Steelcase gesture with or without headrest, which one is better? Well, the vote goes for with headrest. It may be costly or hard to find, but you should buy one with a headrest.   

Everything that keeps you healthy is necessary. On busy office days, most of us don’t care about our comfort, our health. But we forget good health is the core of happiness. So now you ask yourself, are headrests necessary for you?  If yes, then don’t hesitate to buy one. Note one more thing, setting up a Steelcase Gesture is with a headrest is complicated sometimes. Read the user manual to learn the guidelines of assembling. Don’t break it before even using it!   

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