Best Gaming Chairs For Back Pain

7 Best Gaming Chairs For Back Pain | Complete Reviews and Buying Guides

Gaming is the best recreation for gamers of all ages until the back pain starts knocking on the door. I’ve seen many gamers who have to leave gaming because of a severe back pain issue. While you spend thousands of dollars on hardware and software to make an extreme gaming PC, investing in a gaming chair is a wise decision. A comfortable, ergonomic gaming chair for giving you proper posture and lumbar support is significant to get rid of a back pain issue. There are thousands of models available, but for back pain, all of them are not good. Most people choose wrong while buying a gaming chair. Do you know why? Our goal is to help you find the best gaming chairs for back pain with ergonomists’ help.

The reason is, gaming chairs look fancy, gorgeous, and robust after all. So we get attracted by design and forget about checking product background and ergonomic aspects. But in this review, there is no chance of obfuscation because each of the chairs on the list is conducive, coherent, and advantageous. And as my objective is to give you an excellent guide to buy, there is a buying guide and detailed review of every product background. To make all perspectives immaculate, I’ve included pros and cons points in each of the products.

List of Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

  1. Dowinx Gaming Office Desk Chair
  2. FANTASYLAB Big & Tall Reclining Gaming Chair
  3. STAR SPACE Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair
  4. Zeanus Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair
  5. E-Sports with Footrest Massage Gaming Chair
  6. FERGHANA Computer Gaming Chair
  7. Vnewone Computer Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain: Reviews

Don’t get me wrong-the numbering doesn’t refer to superiority. On the contrary, each chair of the list is best in a particular aspect.

Chair 01: Dowinx Gaming Office Desk Chair

Best Gaming Chair For Back Pain

Color: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Brown
Faux Leather, Rubber, Foam
50.6 pounds

Want to set up your PC with the best-designed red-wine-colored chair? This down is one of the best chairs we’ve ever tested. Not only for gaming, but this chair is also so comfortable that people of all ages are buying this chair for multiple purposes. You will get it in 5 different colors, and the overall aesthetic of the chair is over the top. Your gaming setup is going to rock with the chair. And the tilt mechanism of this chair is over the top as an affordable gaming chair. 

The baggage potential of the chair is also outstanding, 350 pounds. And this chair is not the stereotypical chair with just beauty, but this chair has intelligent features. A USB cable power supply massager is added with the chair’s armrest, and the USB port on your PC can deliver this even in your car or power bank. When you are spending the right amount of money on a chair, of course, you should go for a chair with intelligent features.

So, after checking all of the product backgrounds, this chair is my preliminary choice for you. You may have assumed the Price is high, but it’s not costly at all. This chair is a budget killer, high-quality product in an affordable range. Moreover, I didn’t fill the list with overpriced chairs. I added all the mid-budget chairs, but they were high in quality.

  • The chair has a 360° smooth swivel system to make your movement most comfortable while gaming. The racing caster wheel is specially made for making gamers’ moving experience better.
  • As I mentioned before, a comfortable sitting posture depends on the tilting angle mostly. When you are working, keep the tilting angle at 90° and when you are chilling in a casual match, change the angle up to 180° degrees and enjoy complete rest. This chair is over the top.
  • The seat height is adjustable, and to make your experience better, this chair will give you a head pillow and lower back pad. These pillows suit all body types and provide maximum comfort to the gamers.
  • The winged back Technology is made to create contact with all the back body parts, so it simultaneously gives your back support and spine comfort and massages feelings.
  • Gamers don’t only need upper body support but also lower body support. So It doesn’t only focus on the upper part of the body but also adds a bucket seat design to support your legs.
  • The material used to make this chair is eco-friendly and high-quality foam. A lant gas cylinder makes it durable. This could be another great reason to buy this chair if you are a nature lover.
  • The lumbar support is not suitable for people with a lower height than 5 feet.

Chair 02: FANTASYLAB Big & Tall Reclining Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair  For Back Pain

Color: Black, Grey
Memory Foam, Leather, Metal
56.2 pounds

The supportive gaming chair has come to make your fantasy accurate. The Fantasy Lab office chair is my unique addition to the people with more extended height and more weight. This high-back, high-quality tilt mechanism chair will make your gaming experience better with its best lumbar support for tall people. While setting up an exciting gaming PC, you emphasize quality over anything.

To ensure the best quality, this standard gaming chair can be your choice and also it looks good, fits in all types of rooms. The manufacturer’s suggested weight capacity is 400 lbs, which is the highest and gives proper support. This racing gaming chair is made with an ergonomic curved design to ensure that you don’t face any back pain.

Memory foam is padded on the top of the seat cushion, making the upper body support better. The bolster is padded and durable to quit wielding when you don’t require it. The back part of the body is high, and the armrest is padded, too, which makes the chair hug the curves of your body and give outstanding lumbar support. The curved neck design offers the best support, and overall spine support prevents the computer hunch that destroys your gaming experience and makes you feel ill.

  • You can adjust almost every part of the chair. This highly adjustable chair can be fitted with all body types as you can change the seat heights, back, and more.
  • The tilting intersection and tilt mechanism are massive components of the best gaming chairs for back pain. This chair is not like the previous one, and the tilting tip is still 90° to 165°, which is almost enough for resting.
  • Your security is not ensured before checking product background, but how risky is a gaming chair? Well, low-quality gas cylinders can be the reason. But this chair offers the international standard explosion-proof gas spring to adjust the parts of the chair.
  • The heavy-duty metal rolling is added to the chair to make movement comfortable. The maximum capacity of weight is 350 lbs.
  • Let me give you a proper measure to make you Understand how giant the chair is. It has a wide seat, seating expanse is 20.9″ x 20.5 hairsbreadth, which is enough for a person up to 400 lbs. The backrest area is 23.2″ x 33.5″ inches the height is adjustable like other chairs.
  • You will get after-sale service too, the warranty of the product is one year.
  • Not all of us like giant chairs. The chair is comfortable, but this is not the right choice if you are already facing back pain.

Chair 03: STAR SPACE Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair  For Back Pain

Color: Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Red, White
Faux Leather
54.9 lbs

The STAR SPACE gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs for back pain. It looks elegant and impressive with its exclusive design and color combination. The chair comes in six different colors, and among them, as you can see, the pink one looks perfect for a gaming girl.

However, colors have no gender, so that you can choose any of them. This chair is more likely a teenager’s unique aesthetic and comfortable chair with ergonomic facilities to recover from back pain. The weight capacity is not like the other two. It’s lower, 280 pounds. So, I’ll not suggest it to taller, more weighing people; hence the backrest height is pretty good. In a nutshell, it is a fantastic chair with its best comfort. This has some super ergonomic features suitable for use for an extended period of time. And as a budget gaming chair, this is more likely the amazon best gaming chair.

This racing-style gaming chair material is a soft foam and leather combination, which gives the chair durability and comfortability at the same time. The leather used in the chair is so soft and breathable, so air passing is easy. The materials’ excellent elasticity gives the chair more stability to hold your body and gives you proper mid and back support. The curved back supports your lumbar correctly and also makes sure your sitting posture is good enough.

  • Caster design is a significant thing to make movement easier. This company uses high-quality, reinforced caster surfaces. So as a swivel chair, it will let you move effortlessly at 360°. On all sorts of characters, it glides so smoothly.
  • Reclining angle and tilt mechanism is another important feature that I already mentioned multiple times. This chair’s degree is reasonable, and the tilting arch can be diversified from 90 degrees to 170 degrees. So, not only comfortable gaming, after getting tired, you can have a nap on it.
  • The metal mechanism and gas lifting is made with expert technology and maintains complete safety. So, as a stable, reliable, constructive, and comfortable seat chair, this can be your choice.
  • You can get outstanding after-sale service. They will give you a 30 days return offer and 1-year free replacement of any defective parts.
  • The heavy-duty metal base makes it strong but heavy. So if you need to move it to a remote place, you have to disassemble the whole chair.

Chair 04: Zeanus Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair For Back Pain

Color: Black, Blue, Gray, red, green, pink, white
Faux Leather
Not mentioned

Why should gaming chairs design always be made for boys? There are thousands of examples nowadays that girls are participating in the gaming world, just like boys. So, Zeanus chose to give the girls’ customers an ergonomic, fashionable racing gaming chair in three striking colors, rose, pink and purple. Its excellent build quality, adjustable features, extendable footrest made it popular among gamers already.          

To make the PC setup dramatically different and girly, this chair can be the best. But this is not the fairest commodity about the chair. The best thing is, the company didn’t just focus on making a girly chair with a superior design. Instead, they made it ergonomically perfect with the best lumbar support and features like footrest, armrest, headrest, etc., to make this chair best for back pain at an affordable rate. It’s Ergonomically curved massage facilities to make the back pain remover. To protect your spine and neck from chronic pain after gaming, it included the headrest pillow.

Before going to the pros and cons part, Let’s clarify that if you are a male and like the rose, pink, or purple colors, this is entirely okay and normal. From this point of view, this is not only for females, but the other chairs are not only for the males. 

  • The amazon chair is a suitable one for all customers because the adjustment is so good. You can keep or remove the backrest and also adjust the seat height.
  • This is one of the most comfortable and smooth 360 degrees swivel chairs.  
  • The back cushion is so soft and curvy that it is suitable for rest and ergonomically adequate. That made it the best supportive gaming chair to support the spine.
  • The tilting angle is adjustable with an excellent tilt mechanism, and also you can lock it up at a certain angle. The seat tilt angle can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 155 degrees to ensure your sitting comfort and to get a nap when you need it.
  • The lumbar massage support makes this chair one of the best gaming chairs for back pain, after all. The headrest pillow, footrest ensure the best comfort.
  • Assembling is the most annoying part for some people. If you are too impatient to set up a chair, this could be helpful because it only takes 15-20 minutes to set up.
  • You will get a one-year warranty service.
  • The chairs’ faux leather dimensions seem hard after long days of use, and product damage may happen.

Chair 05: E-Sports with Footrest Massage Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair  For Back Pain

Color: Blue, Ash, Green, Red, Orange
Faux Leather
43.1 pounds

A quality supportive gaming chair at a very affordable price? This is so rare, dear. Sometimes a quality gaming chair may be priced over $500. But why not get a good-quality chair at an affordable rate when it’s available. So after researching for days, after comparing all the low-budget chairs within $150, I, at last, decided to put this chair on the list. This chair is the adequate excellence of wealth.

You may not get similar comfort and durability as previous ones, but this chair is the best in this price range. The chair can bear 300 pounds, which is appreciable and enough for regular people.

The smooth surface and soft sitting cushion will give you premium feelings while gaming. The backrest is extended so that this faux leather dimension chair will be comfortable for tall people. There is a backrest pillow on the lower part to give you relief from lower back pain. And also, they included a headrest pillow to remove the neck pain.

The overall comfort of the chair is appreciable and good enough. Also, these chairs come in six different colors, which are very rare. So you can easily give your gaming setup a unique look with an uncommon chair.

  • The material used in the chair is high-density mold shaping foam, which is renowned as the softest foam. PU leather is also waterproof and long-lasting.
  • The seat height has a flexible option, and you can change it up to 100 mm. Not only this but the tilting angle can also be changed from 90 degrees to 160 degrees. The chair has a 360 degrees swivel, too, so you can move more comfortably.
  • This 360° swivel and 3D armrest with padding are good quality, and the casters are durable. As a chair for gaming, it’s perfect.    
  • This chair offers a USB massage lumbar cushion, which can be vibrated in two different parts. This is so helpful to get rid of back pain quickly.
  • It’s not very easy to assemble. It may take time to complete it, and you can follow some tutorials regarding this.
  • The relaxation is not the fairest, but it is not disastrous in this allowance.

Chair 06: FERGHANA Computer Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair  For Back Pain

Color: Blue, Yellow, Green, Ash, Orange
Faux Leather
37 pounds

You may have already understood that each of the chairs in my list has a fantastic fact, so I put it on the list. So, in continuity, why not add a chair that is portable, handy, and lightweight? Yes, FERGHANA is the lightest chair on the list, with only 37 pounds of weight with healthy posture, and an adjustable backrest. This racing-style chair is perfect for teenage gamers who need to move the chair here and there quickly and use it as a study chair or drawing room TV chair. This chair is lightweight, but the weight capacity is 300 pounds. Though I won’t recommend more than 250 pounds as the base is not that hard.

The chair has a comfortable back part, and like other chairs, it has a headrest pillow and armrest feature. The chair offers the most excellent variety of colors on the entire list. It comes up with almost nine different colors. Colors like yellow, orange, green are so rare, and you can make your gaming setup more unique with it. As a cheap gaming chair, this is a good choice. 

  • The seat tilt angle is satisfactory with the flexible option, and it can adjust up to 160°. And also, it offers a 360° swivel like other chairs.
  • It has a USB base lumbar cushion, giving you a massage with electronic vibration, and you can control it with a remote controller.
  • They propose after-sales assistance again, and you can get a 1-year warranty.
  • No leg rest feature.
  • Less durability because of faux leather dimensions and product damage.

Chair 07: Vnewone Computer Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair  For Back Pain

Color: Black and White
43.5 pounds

If you are looking for all the features like backrest, mid rest, massage, pillow, footrest, high-quality gas lifting, soft material at the most affordable rate- this chair is the best option for you. The Price of the chair is so low regarding all these features they are offering. Then you may ask me why I didn’t put the chair in the first position.

Well, they are giving all these features, but not entirely. The backrest is available but not the most comfortable. The other parts are like that, okay, but not the best. But you can yell it is the best gaming chairs for back pain when your allotment is approximately $100. So, in this price range, Let’s see what exciting features they are offering and their pros and cons. 

  • You can assemble the chair too quickly, even if it may take approximately 15 minutes to set up.
  • The structure of the chair is ergonomic so that back pain problems will not knock on the door. Also, they added features like a backrest pillow for healthy posture, headrest, and padding armrest. They also added a footrest, which is usually not available in this price range.
  • They have a message system on the lumbar cushion too. And it is comfortable enough to use. The built-in lumbar support is so comfortable and gives a healthy posture with a lumbar support pillow.     
  • They used a Class-3 gas lift and high-quality rubber Custer to make the movement and adjustment parts more durable.
  • The seat tilting angle is 155°, not enough for taking a nap.
  • The stability of the merchandise is not reasonable. You may confront difficulties after 1 or 2 years of usage.

Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain: Buying Guide

There are some standard features that almost every gaming chair has, such as a beautiful design, armrest, headrest, etc. But not all gaming chairs will give you similar comfort and won’t last long. So, in this buying guide, I’m focusing on these two facts, comfort and durability. When you want to buy a gaming chair, this product background guide will help you determine which one will be best for you. So Let’s see how you can define the comfortability and longevity of a chair.


Almost every company will promise you that their chair will be comfortable. But only a few are truly satisfied. But why are these features and product backgrounds so rare? Adequately, preparing a prosperous chair is confounded as the factories have to retain a lot of stuff. Even a single part of a chair can make your whole experience terrible. So, it takes so much technology, expert ergonomist suggestions, and lastly, high-quality material. Don’t worry, and you can easily define whether a chair is comfortable or not by measuring some particular criteria.

  • 1. Tilting angle: Tilt mechanism and Tilting angle is a significant factor regarding a gamer’s comfort. Office chair manufacturers do not signify a high tilting angle most of the time, but a gaming chair’s tilting should be more. The lock mechanism is significant as well. Because without a suitable lock mechanism, the experience of using a gaming chair will be so bad. Some chairs even can be angled up to 180 degrees, which is impressive. And remember, chairs with lock mechanism is more comfortable than unlocked tilting. So, this tilt mechanism is the initial element you should stub.
  • 2. Backrest: Curved backrest is a must, and some gaming chairs offer you much more. I’ve added some chairs with a backrest pillow to my list, which will make you feel like resting on your bed. A curved backrest is adequate to maintain the correct sitting posture, and as a result, you will get rid of back pain.
  • 3. Lower backrest: I’ve made a separate part for the lower backrest because many of us suffer from this lower back pain. So, as my goal is to show you exclusively designed best gaming chairs for back pain, all of the list chairs have excellent lower back support. These gaming chairs are made solely for removing your stress, pain during continuous gaming.


Gaming chairs are expensive, though my list is made with the best chairs at a cost-effective rate. But when you are paying more than $200, you expect a chair that will be durable. A chair will not last forever, but a good quality chair may last for many years if you use it nicely. No one wants product damages.

Please note one thing, Do not use your chair roughly if you want it to last long, and product damage is a must if you use it roughly. But what is the meaning of “rough using”- may not be clear to you yet. Don’t overload the chair with excessive weight. Don’t fall on the chair. Sit gently. Also, while moving to any distant place, you should unassemble the chair to avoid any harm.

The durability of a chair is dependable on the material used. Usually, gaming chairs are comparatively soft and foamy. That’s why they use foam materials. The other materials like fabric gaming chairs, breathable mesh are not very suitable for the gaming chair. Mesh chairs are ideal for office chairs most of the office chair is mesh.

But the principal material used in all these chairs on my list is faux leather instead of mesh. Well, why did I choose a faux leather material chair? Let me explain.

Faux leather material doesn’t involve animal killing. It is artificial leather, which contains all the leather properties and is comparatively low in Price, as no animal is needed to be killed to make it. And product damage is significantly less likely to happen. As Faux leather consists of similar properties, you may already assume how durable it is. It won’t fade too fast and won’t be less comfortable over time. The faux leather is softer and smoother, so your external comfort will also be ensured.

Now diving into the review part, here you will get details about the chairs of the list. I’ve also included two leather material products, and undoubtedly they will give you long-lasting comfort. The reputation of leather has been continued through the centuries, so don’t hesitate about its longevity.


My unbiased review may help you find out the best gaming chairs for back pain. Every chair on the list is best from a different perspective. We found out the best option for you. Gaming PC setup is the most passionate thing for a gamer. But they sometimes don’t focus on the chair, but this is essential to keep the gamer’s health better and not affected by sitting for a long time. So, choose the best chair on your budget and enjoy gaming without any back pain.

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