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Best Computer Chair For Long Hours | Top’s Reviews and Buying Guides

Are you searching for a chair that will be competent to support you in long hours before the computer? You are exactly in the right place. Because continuous confusion will grow, the more you scroll to buy the best computer chair for long hours. All the ads for computer chairs seem so lubricating. Most of the time, everything looks the same. In a broader sense, we only notice one difference: the design of the chair. You may be smart enough to check the material too. But is this enough to buy the best one?

No, and that’s why I’ve researched for you, measured the quality, compared each other, and finally made a list that can guide you. As you want a chair that will support you for long hours, you need an ergonomic office chair within an affordable budget or a budget gaming chair. So, I’ve made some categories of the chairs based on the material. But before going to that part, why not share the buying guide first because that will help you make decisions effortlessly.

List of Best Computer Chair for Long Hours

  1. OUTFINE Executive Computer Desk Chair (Leather Material)
  2. Lorell Soho High-Back Leather Executive Chair (Leather Material)
  3. Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair (Leather Material)
  4. Ergousit Ergonomic Office Computer Chair (Mesh Material)
  5. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Computer Chair (Mesh Material)
  6. Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair (Mesh Material)
  7. Hotmail High-Back Computer Gaming Chair (Gaming Style)
  8. KLIM Computer Gaming Chair (Gaming Style)
  9. Respawn 900 Computer Gaming Chair (Gaming Style)
  10. POWERSTONE Recliner Computer Chair (Gaming Style)

No further discussion, Let’s come to the reviews.

Best Leather Material Computer Chairs 

Leather is one of the ancient raw materials used to make comfortable chairs. From ancient times to this time, leather has been considered the most premium one. Let’s see my Top listed leather chairs.

Leather 01: OUTFINE Executive Computer Desk Chair

Best computer chair for long hours

Color: Black 
: Faux Leather 
46.6 Pounds

In my list, the first product for you is OUTFINE chair. It doesn’t only give your room an excellent outlook but also consists of various features. Its high back, curved armrest, super-soft seat, and ergonomic structure will impress you as soon as you see it. For long hours, the best lumbar support is badly needed, and this office chair will help you support your backbone perfectly. While using a computer, the armrest option is a significant factor, and headrest too. Because while working, our head doesn’t get any rest for a long time, that creates neck pain. And also, while typing, you cannot use the armrest. So, your armrest should be comfortable enough to refresh you faster than a regular one. All over, this chair is pretty good. The material ensures durability, so your chair is going to last long.

  • The manufacturer’s suggested max weight is 250 pounds, so weight won’t affect the durability soon
  • Pneumatic controls over the height. Adjustability will ensure your comfort.
  • 360 rotation is smooth, and the rolling is stable enough.
  • To relieve your muscle stress, the backside is curved and soft. The design is ergonomic so that your health benefits may not hamper.
  • The seat facilitates high elasticity pocket spring and high-density foam.
  • You are going to get a year war
  • The assembling is much more comfortable.
  • The pad is more rigid than a regular leather chair. It may feel ‘not okay’ if you are a soft lover.

Leather 02: Lorell Soho High-Back Leather Executive Chair

Best computer chair for long hours

Color: Black 
 Leather, Foam, Plastic, Metal 
 37.5 Pounds

Leather chairs are too costly- breaking these stereotypes, lorell has brought a leather material ergonomic office chair at a very affordable rate. The chair is the right combination of lumbar and back support, adjustable features, and overall comfort. It’s so lightweight. Most of the chairs are over 50 pounds when lorell Soho is only 37.5 pounds. So you can move it so quickly. The leather material makes the chair premium-looking and durable at the same time. The design looks so cool that it fits anywhere in the room. So, your computing experience with this chair will be comfortable and aesthetic. It’s a combination of different materials, just perfect to be the best chair at an affordable rate.

  • Adjustable height, so your computer table height won’t be a problem.
  • 360° rotation system Make your movements comfortable and easy.
  • Its excellent number lumber and backbone support will give you a lot of comforts.
  • The seating area is not too hard and not too soft, and because of this, you will be able to sit much better.
  • The ergonomic aspect of the chair has been taken into consideration while making it to be sure of your health protection.
  • It is straightforward to assemble, and you will be able to do it in a short time. And more details are given in their manual guide.
  • Sometimes you may face a continuous decrease of comfort with prolonged use.

Leather 03: Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair (Editor’s Choice)

Best Computer Chair For Long Hours

Color: Camel, Brown, Cream, Gray 
Faux Leather 
38.1 Pounds

Another faux leather material office chair, with an excellent premium, looks with a camel color option. Among the three chairs, this one is my personal favorite, because its superb leather design can add a mesmerizing touch to your place. This will be worth your money and you can use the chair for a long time for its best durability. Your best companion in long tiring hours can be this chair. The reason is, it ensures your comfort, easy movement, and other multifunctional behavior. You can write up an email, scroll your newsfeed and even brainstorm with yourself- this chair will give your body the best support to concentrate on work.

  • Mid-century style chairs will give your computer room a new look, a different premium look.
  • Maintenance is a significant factor in using the chair longer. And the cleaning or assembling system of the chair is so easy.
  • The backrest, adjustable lumbar, adjustable height, rotation- everything is comfortable to use. You can often use it to sleep after long working hours.
  • The manufacturer’s suggested weight is 275 lbs. Not way too much for a large body type, but good enough.
  • This multi-purpose chair can also be your study chair, even a regular office chair because it suits every room.
  • Ergonomic chair design gives you proper mid rest, backrest, and headrest. The back part is curved enough to provide you with lumbar support. The headrest is also so comfortable, as well as the armrest.
  • It gets dirty too quickly as the color is the camel. Don’t forget to clean up the chair regularly

Best Mesh Material Computer Chairs 

Mesh material chairs are the most trending ones all over the world. Because who doesn’t want a chair that is comfortable and durable simultaneously? There are thousands of options when you want to buy a mesh chair. To make your choice easier, here I’ve listed some most affordable and best quality chairs.

Mesh 01: Ergousit Ergonomic Office Computer Chair (Editor’s Choice)

Best Computer Chair For Long Hours

Color: Dark Black 
Mesh, Textile 
47.9 pounds

It was tired of mesh office chairs that are not comfortable at all? Give it a try on Ergousit, and it won’t disappoint you. The best computer chair for long hours at medium budget– this is the definition of this chair. The excellent ergonomic design will perfectly support every part of your body. When the headrest feature is slightly not too available, it reduces your neck muscle; this chair has a soft, well curved, separate, and adjustable headrest. The armrest, backrest, mid rest, lower backrest- every part is well made with the right quality product. The fabric used in the chair is good enough.

  • The manufacturer’s suggested maximum weight is 275 pounds.
  • The headrest, height, angle- are all made according to the structure of the human spine.
  • The back part of the chair is made of breathable mesh material. It gives the chair the ability to pass air and also comforts you when you sweat.
  • The lumbar support and recline feature are perfect for those who are suffering back pain. It helps to improve your pain.
  • The tilting angle is 90-135 degrees, enabling the adjustment of the height, 3D armrest, and headrest.
  • The soft cushion seat is my favorite. The product quality is the best at this price. The hard plastic is used to fix the mesh braid.
  • You will get five years of manufacturer support after buying. So in any difficulty or defect, you can rely on them.
  • The back curve could be better.

Mesh 02: NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Computer Chair

Best Computer Chair For Long Hours

Color: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Grey 
 Elasto Mesh, Aluminum 
 46.3 pounds

If you are looking for an incomparable computer chair, this chair is for you. A product with a fancy look, the best ergonomic design, and the highest durability. The color combination is my favorite; four colors are available. The chair fulfills all the modern definitions of a perfect chair. The chair includes all the ergonomic features, supports your back, neck, and lower back simultaneously. Before your computer, you may spend a whole night, but don’t worry about the rest when this chair is with you. The headrest, armrest all are perfect for giving Proper comfort. Not only before your computer, but this chair will also be suitable for anywhere in your office or home. The minimalist style adds a different vibrant style to it.

  • Your full spine support is ensured by the properly curved backrest and ergonomic headrest. The swivel is suitable for daily long hours use. You can tilt it up to 135 degrees on the backside.
  • It can carry up to 275 pounds as it has wooden material, it’s more durable.
  • The breathable mesh is comfortable enough because it allows passing air to give you comfort while sweating. Also, body heat doesn’t become a problem for this breathable mesh material.
  • Not only as a computer chair, but you can also use it as a Study chair or even a gaming chair. Because of the 3D armrest, the backrest is adjustable.
  • This chair is providing 135 degrees Tilting that gives you smoother, effortless reclining, and you can enable the back too straight working mode along with the complete reclined rest mode.
  • The assembling is a little bit complicated; you may need an hour to do it.

Mesh 03: Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

Best Computer Chair For Long Hours

Color: Black 
 Mesh, Plastic, Metal, Textile 
44 pounds

You may not be willing to pay too much on your computer chair, still want to get a good quality, durable product. The Sadie office chair is the most affordable option under $200 and gives better service than many high pricing chairs. I had to research a lot to get this option for you because most of the low-rate chairs are insufficient in quality and not durable. This chair is ergonomic, ensuring that you may not get back pain after sitting for a long time. The lumber and back support are good, and you will get mid rest too. The chair also consists of different materials, like plastic and metal, to give proper strength.

  • The lumbar support is adjustable, and you will get the best posture of sitting with it.
  • The depth is much bigger than other chairs. So you will feel the ultimate softness after sitting on it.
  • The wheels are durable and smooth. So your rolling is also going to be soft enough to enjoy the comfort.
  • The fabric is breathable. So the cooling feature is automatically added.
  • It can hold a person with 400 lbs, higher than other high pricing chairs. So suits every body type.
  • It becomes less comfortable with time, and no headrest feature.

Best Gaming Style Computer Chairs

All of the previous chairs on the list are office chairs.  But why not add another section for gaming chair lovers? For exciting and exclusive features, super comfortable and unique design- gaming chairs are the new trend. It has been becoming so popular among the new generation that it is now also used at offices. So I’ve listed some Amazing comfortable chairs that you can try. If you have never bought one before, this is the right time to get one because gaming-style chairs work perfectly in long hours as a computer chair.

Gaming Style 01: Hotmail High-Back Computer Gaming Chair (Editor’s Choice)

Best Computer Chair For Long Hours

Color: Blue, White, Cyan, Black, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red 
 42.9 pounds

Good Gaming chairs are so costly- hot mall proves it wrong. This chair offers you almost all the standard features of a good quality chair and ultimately at a very affordable price range. I love how they combined all the elements in a nutshell and put their best effort into making the most comfortable chair. Let me share a unique feature that you have not found in the office chair section. That is – the reclining angle. You can see a max 135° reclining rise in the office chairs. But gaming chairs offer you more. This hotmall chair has a 90 to 180° reclining angle. So you can use the chair as the best alternative to ergonomic office chairs. When you look for chairs for long hours, you need one where you can take a nap as well. Gaming style chair is giving you this extraordinary feature.  

There is another feature that is amazing in the chair. That’s a high-quality gas lift. Well, we all want adjustable height with a safe gas lift. Because a gas lift can be the reason for a dangerous accident. Changing a gas lift is a difficult task and costs so much. That’s why a good quality gas lift is significant. And a hotmall gaming chair is offering you so. And like most other gaming chairs, it comes with lots of color variation. So your chair will not be boring anymore, you can get a colorful one before your computer desk. Undoubtedly this one is one of amazon’s best collections for hours of sitting and long-term comfort.

  • You can get a proper posture as the backrest is made according to the human body shape. A healthy posture makes you feel comfortable. And 300-pound maximum weight capacity.
  • The seat depth is outstanding and made with High-density shaping foam. Also, this material quality is the best in this price range.
  • The padded armrest is very comfortable, and also the armrest is adjustable.
  • The 360° swivel is very comfortable, and the best quality was rolling tested in an affordable price range. 
  • The backrest is wide enough, with 22.5 inches and 30.5 inches. Also, the reclining angle is adjustable up to 180°
  • The seat material is not that durable. As a budget chair, it’s pretty good but not the best.  
  • No adjustable headrest.

Gaming Style 02: KLIM Computer Gaming Chair

Best Computer Chair For Long Hours

Color: Black, Blue, Pink, White 
 Faux Leather 
 56.1 pounds

The design of the chair is very similar to the previous one. Yet, this chair is a better solution if you are looking for a durable chair that will not be torn apart after a few months. The chair is made with high-quality faux leather and thick padded foam. The manufacturers made the quality of the chair the best in the mid-budget range. Standard features like adjustable seat depth, backrest all are available, including some extra features.   

What you will love most about the chair is its ergonomic design. It is made like black mesh chairs, and the backrest gives you the best level of comfort. For whole day comfort, the seat and the backrest both are especially followed by ergonomic design. The back posture is very convenient to enjoy perfect maximum comfort. The curves in the back, exceptional support besides the armrest make the experience better than most other chairs. For long-term comfort, the wide seat is a great advantage. A wide seat is not only a comfortable seat but also good for hours of sitting.            

  • Better tilt angle than regular task chairs. You can use the adjustable feature of the backrest and move it up to 160°. Also, you can lock it to 90° to get pneumatic control over it. And It can hold a person with 330 lbs.
  • There are a variety of colors, and they are elegant. 
  • To be the best lumbar support chair, it is made with curves and supports and adjustable features like height adjustments.  
  • This comfortable chair has a headrest attached with a high back, and it works like a pillow. For backrest, this is one of the best computer chair for long hours.
  • The chair is made with high-quality material; that’s why you don’t have to be worried about its durability.
  • Not a budget chair, the price range is higher than the previous one. 
  • In comparison to Executive office chairs, the headrest is not satisfying. 

Gaming Style 03: Respawn 900 Computer Gaming Chair

Respawn 900 gaming chair

Color: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White 
Wood, Leather, Metal 
48.5 pounds

If you haven’t experienced any super comfortable gaming chair yet- you should try this one of the best computer chairs for long hours. The Outlook is exceptional at a glance. And the more you look at this chair; you can see exciting adjustable features for long hours of sitting. The chair is one of amazon’s best budget chairs with maximum comfort. This best budget computer chair has some exclusive features that are not available in other task chairs. The optimum comfort of the seat is ensured with an extended floor touched footrest that is exceptional. When using a computer chair for long, long hours, you may need more than a backrest or headrest. The footrest is also a significant issue to get the optimum comfort. Not only the footrest but the overall comfort of the chair is also top-notch for its adjustable features as the best budget chair.

The chair is extensive. This is one of the best features of the chair. Moreover, the chair has so many features. The OFM chair is always best for giving the highest quality material, and this chair is also one of their best collections.    

Let’s see the pros and cons of the chair:

  • Super comfortable and height quality material chair. Very durable and the best chair for long hours.
  • Padded armrest, which is very comfortable and soft.
  • Very lightweight product. You can move it very quickly all over your room. The smooth roller is also perfect for movability.
  • The manufacturer’s suggested weight is 275 lbs. Not way too much for a large body type, but good enough.
  • An automatic reclining system, you can adjust it as you want.
  • The adjustable features are not available. There is no height, armrest or headrest adjustment option.

Gaming Style 04: POWERSTONE Recliner Computer Chair

Best Computer Chair For Long Hours

Color: Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Pink, Red 
Faux Leather 
 50 Pounds

So, this one is the last chair on the list. And this one is amazing. Like the previous one, it looks fancy, and there is a footrest. But some other features are not available in that chair, making it one of the most comfortable chairs.

The unique feature of the chair is its excellent back massage system. After adding the massage technology, the concept of the digital chair has changed a lot, and this power stone chair is a perfect example of comfort.

This is a common issue to get back pain while you are sitting for long hours. So, the manufacturers added an extra massage system in the backrest of the chair. So no more back pain- you can enjoy the long hours of sitting with the best posture.  

The softness of the seat and armrest is top-notch. And I love the pillow to take a rest. The pillow is softer than a regular gaming chair pillow, and the curve helps reduce your neck pain.

  • Four massage points, two on the back and two on the lumbar. So no more back pain in long hours.
  • The chair is highly adjustable. You can adjust the backrest from 90 degrees to 140°. The 360 degrees swivel system is also comfortable.
  • You can get a 30 days money back guarantee and a one year warranty with the chair.   
  • There is a tiny side pouch to keep your necessary small items like a phone or Notebook.
  • The headrest pillow is softer and very much durable. 
  • The height adjustment feature is not available. So if it doesn’t suit the height of your computer table, you shouldn’t buy it.

Best Computer Chair For Long Hours: Buying Guide

So, I’m going to share my experience of long-time research and monetizing. A chair is so significant when your job is before a computer. Because this element may drastically affect your health, generally while buying, most of us only notice the design. Of course, aesthetics is a great feature, but it should not be our primary concern when you need the best computer chair for long hours of sitting. Our principal concern should be quality. Now, how to define it, I’m going to share it with you.


To select the best computer chair for long hours, We’ve prioritized the material. The durability, comfortability mostly depends on the fabric. The mainly used material nowadays is mesh. It’s my personal favorite. Because this material is comparatively durable and comfortable. But with time, the low-quality mesh becomes less Comfortable. Leather is an excellent alternative rather than other types. Leathered chairs are the most durable, comfortable, and popular from ancient times. Nowadays, wooden chairs are not seen in offices generally, though they have been used for thousands of years. What about the plastic chair? Well. They are not suitable for long-term use. So, my final verdict goes for Mesh and Leather.


Comfort is a must while selecting any office chair. We need a chair that supports our back and muscles. Our bone health also depends on which type of chair we are using. There is a misconception about the ergonomic feature between us. That is, the softer, the better. No, softness is not the main criterion. Have you ever experienced back pain while sitting on your drawing room sofa? Well, that’s a common scenario. If softness were the main criteria of comfort, we might use the couch as our office chair. But we don’t, right? The right combination of softness and hardness is an essential part of ensuring comfortability. What else matters are back support, curves, and many more. In My list, each one will be graded 10 out of 10 in case of comfortability.

To find the best computer chair for long hours, you must have to consider the ergonomic feature. A headrest is an excellent feature, but it isn’t easy to find. In my list, Almost all the chairs are offering headrests except the last one.


Your office chair needs to be adjustable as you cannot adjust the height of yourself. I’ve seen almost all the companies ensure height adjustment. But they ignore the significance of changing the other parts of the chair. For example, armrest and headrest adjustability offers the best comfort. The adjustability will be so convenient to support your body. I’ve listed the products that are adjustable enough.

Editor’s Choice:

This is one of the most challenging tasks for us to find out the best of the best. In this list, every chair is good, and I’ve added both budget chairs and expensive ones. So finally, here’s my personal favorite top 3 editor’s choice amazon’s best chairs:

Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair:

This lather chair is the most durable and ultimately gives the best comfort in long hours. Moreover, the design is exquisite, and the price range is affordable.

Ergousit Ergonomic Office Chair:

This chair is made with breathable material, and the breathable mesh design makes it one of the best computer chair for long hours. I love its ergonomic and elegant design, and this chair is best for neck pain as well.

Hotmail Gaming Chair:

A very affordable budget chair with all the exclusive features and 180° reclining angle- hotmall is a perfect combo you can buy.


Computers are a part of our jobs, personal life, and even everything. People like me, who are used to a sedentary lifestyle, need the best computer chair for long hours. My list is not so big that your choice becomes more confusing. Instead, I added different types of chairs in different price ranges that are best in the market. Caring for the product will ensure longevity, even this is the key, also don’t forget to clean and maintain the chair regularly to make it more durable.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best computer chair for long hours?

There are different criteria to declare “the best.” However, Ergousit Ergonomic Office Chair is overall one of amazon’s best chairs.

Is its adjustable feature necessary? 

To get the best comfort in all types of work, adjustable features are a must. That’s why I’ve made a list of the best flexible task chairs.      

Is a gaming chair good for long hours?

One of the best options for long hours. The massage system in the chair is an extra advantage that helps to reduce back pain as well.

Are budget chairs good in quality?

Not all of them. Some manufacturers are dedicated to giving the best product in an affordable price range. So, some budget-friendly cheap chairs are good in quality. 

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