What Should I Look For In An Ergonomic Office Chair

What Should I Look For In An Ergonomic Office Chair?

We buy a chair always, for home, study, eating or just having some rest in the corridor but what should I look for in an ergonomic office chair, we don’t know. There’s a specialty of buying the chair, that is, according to use, chairs are so different. Accordingly, while choosing an office chair, you have to think differently. You have to take care of spinal health, comfort, and many more criteria.

Employees spend so much time in office chairs that they may get back pain if they are not in good health. Eventually, it will affect the productivity of the office. To avoid all these facts, you need an ergonomic chair. But there are so many ergonomic chairs in the market that you will surely get confused. 

If you know, what should I look for in an ergonomic office chair– the buying process is easy. But before diving into the part, let me clear one perception- whether an ergonomic chair is worth it or not. 

Ergonomic office chair: Worth it or Not?

An ordinary office chair, you can get at such a low price. In comparison, you need to spend more money if you want to buy an ergonomic office chair. Even then I would suggest you buy an ergonomic office chair. But why does it matter? 

The reason is the health and safety of the employees. An employee spends an average of six to eight hours in an office sitting in a chair. Studies have shown that it can have such a devastating effect on their health that they can have severe back problems. In the beginning, it is not so severe. It starts with back pain, then gets worst. At the same time, your employees or your productivity will decrease due to illness.

On the other hand, economic chairs are designed to support an employee in his long office. These chairs are specially made so that the employee’s physical fitness is at its best. I bought them at a slightly higher price, and I think these chairs are worth it. 

If you want to know, what should I look for in an ergonomic office chair, you have to learn some measures. Such as, 

Seat height: 

If the seat’s height is more or less, it is seen that it is not comfortable to sit. 15 to 22 inches from the floor is a standard height. Person height is a significant factor to consider. People are starting from 5 feet to six and a half feet tall, and in that case, it becomes a problem. So the chair companies take an excellent step in this regard. They make the height adjustable to about one foot, and because of this, people can quickly increase or decrease the height to their liking. However, if a chair does not have that opportunity, you need to buy it according to your height, depending on how high the chair is.

Seat Width: 

Much depends on how comfortable the chair is and how comfortable it will be. Although it is adjustable in height, it is not so much adjustable in terms of width. A standard width with a 15 to 18-inch reamer so that everyone feels comfortable. Whether we think about a narrow chair, our mind says, NO. But when we see an extra-wide chair, we often like it. But we should avoid the extra-wide chair as the way we reject narrow chairs. Instead, the broader chairs do not have the comfort of the hand.

Seat Depth: 

If the seat is too soft, it can be pushed inwards. Again, even if it is stiff, it will be very tiring and annoying to sit. My suggestion is neutral in fact. The sit should not be extra inward and not too hard on the outside. In this case, a seat that penetrates two or three inches with the finger’s pressure is the most acceptable. But if you are looking for a too soft one, there are options. But soft ones can be the reason for your back pain. 


What about using a chair that is not adjustable at all? Terrible. I’ve already mentioned the importance of adjustability in setting the chair’s height. But adjustability can go far more. The flexible option on the armrest, backrest, and swinging around will make your experience better. One thing I must include, it’s one of the most important criteria you should check out. Because a fixed, nonadjustable chair is like a hamburger without cheese and salad.

Back comfort: 

Back comfort is a must; we all know. An ergonomic chair is specially made to bring your back’s best harmony. The back support can be distinguished into 3 parts, upper back, middle back, and lower back. Every part is significant. Foaming back is never recommended. Because it will cause sweating and also be uncomfortable. But if you are always in an air-conditioned room, then a foaming one is the right choice. However, I’ll suggest avoiding the extra foamy back part. 


This feature is available in all chairs. Half armrest or full rest- both are seen frequently. Which one is good? My confusion arises whenever choosing it. And at last, my final verdict is neutral. I like both of them. But without an armrest, a chair can never be an ergonomic one. Another confusing question is, straight one or curved? I personally like a little bit curved one because it’s so comforting. Straight ones are also good if they are foamy enough. The non-foamy armrest is not comfortable enough.


The headrest is not so available. Even the best types of chairs often ignore the feature. But this is so good for your spinal health. After a long time of working, the headrest feature seems soothing, and it gives you a chance to have a quick nap. Also, it will help you to be refreshed within some minutes. It’s not the feature you always need, but of course, it’s a good one. But it’s a matter of sorrow, and many excellent ergonomic chairs are not an option. But for those who do overnight duty or more than 8 hours duty, the headrest should be a must-included feature. 


I always want the product we buy to last longer and is no exception about chairs. So I always focus on durability. And I guess this one is important for you too. But how to check durability without even using it? We have two ways to find out whether a chair is durable or not. First, go and check the materials from the description and search for the details. That’s the right way and helps me a lot, but another way is to check the product’s review. Reviews are not always reliable, because we all don’t use a product in the same way. Still, you will get an idea. Here are small tips, the durability of any product mostly depends on the user. Use your chair nicely. Take care of it, and it will last longer. 

Final Words

We need all of the facilities. But in one chair, you may not get all together. Moreover, the budget is a significant fact. The mid-range chairs are good enough, but I won’t say they are the best. So, if you want me to name the essential features, I’ll list adjustability, seat width, and back comfort. 

While buying, you may not be able to check out thousands of chairs to get your favorite and perfect one. Then how can you choose the best? Yes, there is a solution for you. I was also confused once about what should I look for in an ergonomic office chair and how to get it. But these guidelines will help you to find out the best one. 

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