Best Office Chairs Under $200

10 Best Office Chairs Under $200 | Complete Reviews and Buying Guides

There is a huge misconception- inexpensive chairs are bad. This is true when you are misguided and buy low-quality products. Even an expensive chair’s experience can be horrible. How? When you don’t know how to choose the best and pick up the tab for worthless products. So be sure about one thing, you can get a high quality, comfortable and ergonomic chair for under 200 dollars, hands down. But choosing without experiencing it is uncharted waters. So we did months of research on the medium budget chairs. Also, we used them for months to get real experience and ultimately made a shortlist of the best office chairs under $200.

List of Best Office Chairs Under $200

  1. HBADA Chair: Best for Lumbar Support
  2. MIMOGLAD Chair: Best for Lower Back Pain
  3. SIDANLI Chair: The Best Design
  4. RIMIKING Chair: Most Comfortable Seat
  5. HOMEFUN Chair: Your Nap Partner
  6. STARSPACE Chair: The Traditional King
  7. REFICCER Chair: The Comfier
  8.  AmazonBasics Chair: The Budget Killer
  9. NOBLEWELL Chair: The Multitasking One
  10. NEO Office Chair: Simple and Standard

Best Office Chairs Under $200: Reviews

Don’t get me wrong-the numbering doesn’t refer to superiority. On the contrary, each chair of the list is best in a particular aspect.

Chair 01: HBADA Chair: Best for Lumbar Support

Best Office Chairs Under $200

Color: Update White, Black
Breathable Mesh 
37 lbs

For many of us, the best chair means a chair with the best backrest. A Hbada chair is for you if having a perfect backrest is what you are looking for. Its lumbar support is ensured by its curvey back. But it has an extra part of the rest of the middle back and lowers back that can be adjusted- this is what makes it unique. But the experience of smoothness and relaxation is something special.

And there is a simple reason behind it. They added an ergonomically designed headrest. Trust me, it may look simple but makes a significant change like a snowball effect. They didn’t advertise much about the steel base, but this base made the chair durable. And for chubby ones, it’s so enjoyable, as the width is much better than regular chairs. There are so many features you will get, have a look at them :

  • Great tilting angle, 90° for working, 120° for relaxing, and 155° for resting.
  • It gives you the feeling of sitting on the sofa because it has an 8 cm anti-collapse sponge cushion.
  • The back angle is Y-shaped, best for your back support.
  • The headrest angle and height are adjustable. You can change the headrest angle up to 30 degrees and adjust the size up to 7 cm.
  • The mesh used in the chair is high density and breathable, so it won’t let you sweat.
  • Manual tilting, no rocking back system.

Chair 02: MIMOGLAD Chair: Best for Lower Back Pain (Editor’s Choice)

Best Office Chairs Under $200

Color: Update Multi-Color
30.1 pounds

Lower back pain is a common problem among people with a sedentary lifestyle. Not only the aged person, but young people are also complaining about lower back pain. It will be too late if you have lower back pain but haven’t changed your regular chair yet. This chair is specially made for people with lower back pain.

The curve in the lower back area ensures the best comfort of the lower back. Also, it Doesn’t have extra soft material that makes the pain worse. But its seat cushion is gentle enough to give you comfort. This is overall one of the best office chairs under $200.

  • Great tilting angle. You can curve it up to 120°, and it is fully adjustable.
  • The movement is super smooth with its Sturdy 360°silent PU casters and also protects your floor.
  • The depth of the seat cushion is 3.7 ‌” and is made with molded foam.
  • The chair consists of the best quality class 3 cylinder to avoid any risk.
  • The mimoglad chair has four layers of advanced materials that make it more durable.
  • You will get five years of warranty! So, Don’t worry about the durability.
  • Hand rest is not adjustable, and it may bother the typists.

Chair 03: SIDANLI Chair: The Best Design

Best Office Chairs Under $200

Color: Black
Mesh, Nylon, Steel
34.6 pounds

Sometimes you look for something that’s not only good in quality but also has a mind-blowing design. Yes, aesthetics matters to us, and sidanli knows how to combine innovation with quality. For example, while choosing chairs, we had to find a good quality chair that is the best with the perfect design. That was hard to find, but we got the best one, smudges. This is because the user experience of the chair is so good.

Our team and everyone appreciated the design, comfort quality, and other factors of the chair. It’s so easy to assemble and also lightweight to move around—the design suits every room, not only your office but also at home. Let’s see the pros and cons and a short analysis of the features they included.

  • One hundred seventeen degrees tilting angle, so best for taking rest or sometimes even sleep.
  • The backrest is so unique. Look closely at the picture, and you can understand how ergonomically the back posture is made. The waist area system makes the posture better than anything.
  • The adjustable armrest is my favorite, and you can adjust it up and down according to your need.  
  • Other standard features like 360° swivel, high-quality mesh, adjustable height- all are available.
  • Soft seat cushion made with breathable mesh material.  
  • One year excellent warranty service is available as well.
  • The durability of the chair is not satisfactory according to some customers’ reviews. However, most of the users gave positive feedback. 

Chair 04: RIMIKING Chair: Most Comfortable Seat (Editor’s Choice)

Best office chairs under $200

Color: Burgundy, Blue, Grey
Update Mesh
40 pounds

Every chair on the list is one of the best in different categories. The previous smug desk chair had seat cushion issues. And this chair is selected because of its excellent seat cushion. The seat cushion is so comfortable, soft, and breathable that you will love the chair in a couple of seconds. The breathable mesh is always best as a material, and the soft cushion makes it even better. However, I don’t think this is only comfortable while sitting. The other features are also ideally added to the chair. The s-shaped backrest, adjustable height – everything has made it one of the best chairs under $200. And I love how they added the assembling process in the box of the chair.

  • 111.5 tilting angle, and of course, there is a lock system to fix it manually.
  • The high back mesh chair’s headrest can be adjusted up( not angle, only height)
  • The armrest is 3D, and it has a 20-degree angle to adjust on it.
  • The material is skin-friendly, breathable, and ensures the best comfort.
  • The headrest angle is not available to make your rest better.

Chair 05: HOMEFUN Chair: Your Nap Partner

Best office chairs under $200

Color: Black, White
Update Mesh
32.9 pounds

Some of us, especially people like me who love sleeping, this chair is for you folks. The backrest is best for taking a rest. Guess why? Of course, the tilting angle with a high backrest. The tilting angle of the chair is more than any of the previous chairs on the list. It is 135 degrees, and you can adjust it anytime. But the headrest is not my favorite because it is not curved enough to give proper posture and support. However, the backrest is so good that you will love the chair. The curve of the backrest is different from the others. The chair is slightly z shaped, and the backrest focuses on the middle part mainly. So people with spinal pain can feel the best comfort with it.

  • The tilting angle is 90° to 135°, best for both work and a quick nap.
  • A heavy-duty base and an updated gas lift make it more durable and safe.
  • A 3 inches soft seat cushion gives you complete comfort.
  • Adjustable height and 360° swivel are also available in the chair.
  • A separately adjustable headrest is not available. However, the high backrest works as a headrest.
  • No adjustable armrest.

Chair 06: STARSPACE Chair: The Traditional King

Best Office Chairs Under $200

Color: Black
Synthetic Nylon
37.2 pounds

Already I’ve shown all the mesh chairs. Why not check something different? Well, this type of chair may not be unfamiliar to you. Because in the last few decades, the nylon and bonded leather made chairs are famous among all. This one is the best chair for tall and prominent people, and It fits so nicely. The design may look old-fashioned, but all modern features are there for you in the chair. From practical experience, it’s different from mesh. It’s softer than mesh and doesn’t get faded quickly. While experiencing mesh chairs, I always feel the mesh backrest is too hard, with no foam. One of the reasons why this chair is more comfortable is, its backrest is soft. The backrest and seat cushion are made with the same type of foam.

  • The backrest is adjustable. The tilting angle is up to 110 degrees. There is a rocking pressure adjuster.
  • A thickly padded headrest is available, and it is not separated from the body.
  • The flip-up armrest makes your daily work more comfortable. Adjust it according to your choice.
  • The foam used in the whole chair is such a high density. So the softness and comfort are better than anything.
  • The nylon base of the chair makes it more durable.
  • There are other features like 360° swivel and adjustable height.
  • You can’t lock the tilting angle to 90 degrees.
  • An adjustable armrest and adjustable headrest are not available in the chair. Bonded leather is not good as good as genuine leather.
  • No warranty policy.

Chair 07: REFICCER Chair: The Comfier

Best office chairs under $200

Color: Black, Brown
Bonded, Synthetic Leather 
46 lbs

Who doesn’t want a soft foamy chair? We all do. But comfort means a lot more than only foam. We all know the sofa is so comfortable, but can you use a couch for long hours? You will surely get back pain. So, Whenever you look for something soft and foamy, remember the ergonomic feature of a chair. This chair is a perfect combination of softness and ergonomic design. The seat, backrest, top, everything is designed ergonomically. The backrest is curvy and very comfortable for people with lower back pain. Especially people with 35+ age should use the chair because, from this age, back pain becomes a serious issue. Also, the chair has all the regular features of an office chair. The bonded leather gives the chair a premium look and fits in your office room so nicely. The design is better than most other bonded leather chairs.

  • The chair has an adjustable backrest. You can change the tilting angle from 90 degrees to 120 degrees.
  • The seat cushion is double padded. The software of the chair is not less than a sofa.
  • The thickly padded headrest ensures your comfort while resting.
  • The armrest is adjustable in height. You can flip it up.
  • The rolling casters are solid and made with high-quality material to give you the smoothest moving.
  • Larger in size, and the weight capacity is 250 lbs.
  • The base is made with nylon. That makes it durable and robust in the longer run.
  • The cushion cover quality is not good. Use a soft towel on the chair to get rid of the problem.

Chair 08: AmazonBasics Chair: The Budget Killer

Best office chairs under $200

Color: Black, Brown, Cream
Bonded Leather
33.5 pounds

Sometimes we need a regular office chair that is durable and affordable. So this one’s for you if this is what you are looking for. The chair is the most affordable one on the list. Even the chair will cost less than $100. In this budget, amazon essential is the best overall. The chair looks fantastic. Of course, the designer put effort into making it different and eye-catching. Another reason for choosing the chair is its materials and durability. The chair seems an overall good choice on a limited budget. Let’s be honest, and you won’t get all the facilities like the previous chairs on the list. However, several features make it very desirable.

  • High weight capacity. Its maximum capacity is 275 lbs.
  • Padded seat and made with bonded leather.
  • The height is adjustable, and a 360 swivel makes the movement easier.
  • You will get a one-year warranty on the chair.
  • No headrest and adjustable armrest. May bother you for long hours.
  • Not a daily long hour user-friendly product.

Chair 09. NOBLEWELL Chair: The Multitasking One (Editor’s Choice)

Best Office Chairs Under $200

Color: Black
Breathable Mesh, plastic back, 
33 lbs

I often get amazed by excellent gaming chairs. And I couldn’t understand why office chairs don’t adopt this design yet. Finally, I found a noblewell chair, the best budget multitasking chair. This suits everywhere you want- in your office, gaming, or study room. The design is standard, fancy, and includes ergonomic factors. This chair is primarily suggested if you are a multitasking person who loves gaming, chilling, always studying along with office work. Because it always gives you the best comfort. The chair is height adjustable ( 16 inches to 20 inches).

Another thing I should mention, multitaskers need rest, right? The chair’s backrest is highly adjustable with an excellent tilting angle, suitable for a nap too. This amazon best item has lots of positive reviews, including our expert team. The lumbar support, backrest, seat comfort, everything is one of the best under $200. The weight capacity of the chair is excellent and satisfying, 300 lbs.      

  • 90°-135° tilting angle with adjustable height of 16 to 20 inches.
  • High density and soft, comfortable seat cushion.
  • Excellent design suits every room, in every work.
  • The armrest and headrest are adjustable like the backrest and height.
  • You can get a 30 days money back with an excellent guarantee with five years warranty.
  • No significant issues were found.

Chair 10: NEO Office Chair: Simple and Standard

Best Office Chairs Under $200

Color: Grey-H
Update Mesh
28.2 pounds

Another highly affordable ergonomic chair with an excellent look. The chair has all the necessary features but no extraordinary features. The company tried to put all the things required, cut fancy features, and make the price low. The quality of the chair is excellent considering the price. The design is simple. If you are a minimalist person or trying to be one, I highly recommend this product for you. The armrest is small, and there’s a curvy headrest and a nice backrest. The tilting angle can be adjusted, and it is height adjustable too. The product is made with breathable mesh, and you can feel the air passing through it. The seat comfort is good, and I won’t say the best, yet good enough- that’s all.

  • A wide 10-inch headrest that is curvy and comfortable enough.
  • Soft mesh material seat cushion, suitable for long hours.
  • The backrest tilting angle is 105°, ideal for office work and taking rest.
  • Heavy-duty nylon base and comparatively wide wheels make the chair more durable.
  • An adjustable armrest and adjustable headrest are not available in the chair.
  • No warranty policy.

Best Office Chairs Under $200: Buying Guide

When our expert team found the best office chairs under $200, we followed some standards. Here, I’ll explain all the details to show you the right way to choose a chair. Consider them as a buying guide, and read them even if you buy chairs regularly because many more things you need to know, which experts have found out recently about chairs.

Our chosen chairs fulfilled all the criteria, unlike the other chairs we excluded from the list. So, let’s see how to choose the best office chairs!

Untold Truth about the Mesh

We know mesh chairs are all over the stores. Almost every single company has already made so many mesh chairs. They will even offer you mesh chairs for less than $50. But if you are smart enough, you’ve already noticed, a meshed chair’s price can reach up to $1000.

So, here comes the question, are all mesh chairs the same? Of course, you already know the answer. All mesh can never be the same. But how do you do? Is the mesh excellent or bad? Sadly, this is hard to understand if you don’t research it in the lab or use it practically. Even everyone is claiming that their mesh chair is breathable, but are they?

Don’t be so confused. But as you are looking for a good mesh chair, you should find the truth of authentic, high-quality mesh. Elements size, acute interior angles, thin triangles, etc., are the factors that make a mesh suitable. But online, nothing of these will be mentioned. So, you can depend on our expert choice, as we measured all the aspects.

Other Materials

Rather than using low-quality mesh, some companies stick to the old strategy-Leather materials. Leather is always comfortable, long-lasting. Yet, We are not fans of all types of leather. So, we included some chairs that are made of the best quality leather.

And also, nylon chairs are so durable and comfortable. That’s why the popularity of nylon chairs among the masses is increasing. So you can have a try on the nylon chair too.

Why should you be picky about the Material?

I’ve given a lot of information already about the material, don’t get bored. Material is the critical factor of durability and comfort. The excellent material product lasts long- this is the well-known truth. But don’t forget, lousy quality material will not be able to serve you the comfort you expect. Though there are so many factors that decide if the chair is comfortable, material plays the most crucial role. Good material chairs work well in all purposes, all aspects.

What defines “The Best Comfort”?

Comfort is a human feeling, and all humans don’t feel the same. That makes us different from each other. So, we can’t expect one size fits all, right? A chair that is so comfortable for a person with lower back pain might not be that much for a person with neck pain. Even our purposes differ from each other. Some love to rest on a chair, and for some, comfort while working is the main factor. So, what I’ll declare “the best” may not be your type. That’s why my list consists of 8 different types of chairs, each of them is the best in a particular way. First, however, have a look at some criteria of being “the best.”

Lumbar Support:

This is the essential feature of an office chair. In a nutshell, this feature makes the office chair special from other chairs. The lumbar support includes a curved backrest, sometimes extra parts added for good posture. What type of backrest gives the best lumbar support? This is a confusing question. Because some believe S-shaped ones are best, some think they should be wavier. However, I’ve included chairs with different types of lumbar support. Which one will be comfortable for which criteria? I’ve discussed it in the review part.

Lower backrest:

Lower back Rest is more important for those who are suffering from lower back pain. Some chairs are designed to give the best support for the lower back. For young people, this may not be a significant feature. But for aged people, lower back pain is a common issue, and more inadequate backrests should be added.

Other Defining Factors

There are other defining factors like colors, exterior design, and movability. But these are not principle factors when you choose a chair. Now, check out the detailed review of Best office chairs under $200.

Editor’s Choice: Best Office Chairs Under $200    

Why not share my favorite chairs? The list here is made with unique chairs with the best office chairs under $200 in different perspectives. So your choice may differ from mine because your needs might be different. I considered all the significant features, price and here are my overall champions:

First: Mimoglad Office Chair

The reasons I’ve mentioned it in the first place are:

  • Very adjustable, lightweight, and durable.
  • The high-quality material ensures durability.
  • The price range is perfect according to the quality.

Second: Rimiking Ergonomic Chair

This one is one of my favorite because:

  • Good quality material, best in any season.
  • Very soft seat cushion and so comfortable backrest.
  • 3D adjustable armrest and headrest.

Third: Noblewell Office Chair

The last one on my favorite list is this one. And this is why it’s in the editor’s choice list:

  • Smooth experience in tilting with best tilting angle (135°)
  • Exceptional design with ergonomic features. 
  • Suitable for people with lower back pain issues too.              


Your office chair is the thing where you spend long hours, so it needs to be good. We know how hard it is to find a good quality product on a budget. Most high-quality office chairs are too costly. So our goal was to find some best office chairs for under $200. And we planned to find chairs with good quality, the best user reviews, and the most comfortable. And here it is! Mid-budget chairs are much more preferable because they are good in quality and last longer than cheap chairs. Choose any of those chairs added to the list and thank me later.

Frequently Asked Questions:

✪ Why are ergonomic office chairs so expensive?

Good products come with a high price, but affordable chairs under $200 are also available, and they are good in quality.

✪ Are cheap chairs bad?

Well, it depends on which one you are buying. We did this review examining more than fifty top reviewed chairs and found out these best ones. Of course, not all of them were good, but of course, you can buy good quality products even at a cheap rate with good guides.

✪ What is the best office chairs under $200?

As I mentioned, the Mimoglad chair is the best chair under $200 in multiple perspectives. However, the others chairs in the list are also best in some specific views.

✪ Why is an ergonomic chair good?

Because the ergonomic chairs are made to give your body the best comfort and save you from back or neck pain, and you can learn more about it from our blog.

✪ Is an office chair so costly?

The price of an office chair starts from less than $50, and some chairs cost more than thousands of dollars. So cost depends on your choice and budget. Chairs under $200 are good in quality and affordable too. That’s why I made amazon’s best chairs under the $200 list. 

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