Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Are Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs Good for You?

Kneeling chairs are a completely new concept for chair designers. Look, we didn’t grow up watching similar chairs. At a glance, a kneeling chair is attractive. Yet sometimes, it confuses us. Indeed the question arises- are ergonomic kneeling chairs good for you? There are different opinions about it. The reason for the difference is apparent- experience varies from person to person. However, you can have clarity about how useful it is, especially for you, by knowing all the details about it.

In this article, I’ll explain all the details, pros, and cons of a kneeling chair. But, first, let’s see if the kneeling chair is right for you or not.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs: What is it?

When first it was introduced, it wasn’t called a “kneeling chair.” Instead, it was known as computer chairs. Because the primary purpose of creating such a different chair was to avoid back pain, let me explain how it works.

When someone sits on it, his thighs will drop to an angle. The angle is generally Between 60 to 70 degrees. When you sit in a regular chair, the angle is 90°. But in the case of a kneeling chair, the rise is 60°-70°. So the weight of your body will not just be on your spine. Your shins and butt will support your range to share the weight of your body.

Are Kneeling Chairs Scientifically Reasonable?

Scientists have mixed opinions about ergonomic kneeling chairs. However, most of the scientists and ergonomic chair experts have positive reviews about it. When the chair was first invented, this “balance chair” caught the attention of researchers.

Till then, researchers had examined the chair several times. The result is positive. They consider it suitable for posture, increasing blood circulation, and overall best for the lower back.

But there are exceptions too. For example, some researchers consider it “no better” and sometimes worse than regular ergonomic chairs. However, this is not the popular opinion.

Kneeling Chair Benefits:

Let me share my personal experience. Last week my 53 years old aunt was suffering from lower back pain worse. I suggested that she use a kneeling chair during office hours. The result was excellent, and she’s feeling much better and never going to go back to the traditional chair.

Everyone’s experience may not be the same or overwhelming. But there are some excellent benefits of this ergonomic kneeling chair. Let’s see what services you are going to get:

Good for posture

For your spine, the best position is the neutral one. With a regular chair, it is hard to maintain. You sit for only 2 hours, and back pain arrives- this is the familiar scene. There are exceptions, and you can get better supportive chairs for long hours. You can check this article:

Best computer chairs for long hours

Like those computer chairs, kneeling chairs conveniently keep the spinal, lower back neutral and give perfect posture. However, more benefits make the chair special.

Good for staying active

Extended time is not only bad for your body, but also it reduces your attention and focus. Movement makes your body metabolism regular, keeps you fit.

Kneeling chairs are suitable for staying active in your office work or study. With a kneeling chair, you sit differently. As your legs are stuck in one position, you cannot sit for long. The chair will increase the rate of your movement and “active sitting.” You have to walk or stand for a while after every 30 to 40 minutes.

Improves blood circulation

The posture is different and especially made, which causes your muscles to contract and prevents you from clotting. And because of this position, your body’s blood circulation increases. So blood flows appropriately, especially in the arteries in the lower part of the body. That makes you feel pretty good even if you spend a long time sitting. Moreover, since it creates an effect on “active sitting,” you have to get up repeatedly, so your blood circulation increases naturally. And this blood circulation makes your body feel healthy, and you don’t get tired quickly.

Stay attentive at work

This chair is usually used for writing or painting. Surely you know that this kind of work requires your sharp attention and intense thinking. Using these four naturally increases your concentration which has come up in many studies. So do you think you should buy this chair or not? Here are the suggestions of some experts in this regard that will help you make a decision.

Should you always use ergonomic Kneeling Chairs?

The answer is no, and you shouldn’t always use ergonomic kneeling chairs. It is perfect to use these chairs for such a short time of one or two hours. These chairs will not give you good comfort for a long time, and you will not enjoy your work time well. However, this chair is not bad for children’s work or your attention at home or office.

Disadvantages of Kneeling Chair

The worst part about using this type of chair is that it is challenging to sit and get up. I think at times you can fall if you are not careful. Also, many people complain about not moving correctly, which can affect your sense of sitting. There are usually no health problems with its use, but many people experience pain due to prolonged use.

Final Verdict

People are inventing many unique technologies to make life more beautiful, more manageable, and happier. And in that continuity, such new chairs have been developed. Some people feel that the ergonomic kneeling chairs are very comfortable, and the chair is becoming famous fast.

There are two types of arguments, positive and negative, behind ergonomic kneeling chairs. For some, these chairs are pretty comfortable and even more intriguing. But, again, kneeling chairs are just a waste and not comfortable for some. You can let us know what you think in the comment box.

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