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Let’s face it, we spend a significant portion of our day seated at our workstations. And whether you’re working from home or in an office setting, it’s absolutely crucial to invest in a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. However, you might think that high-quality office chairs will burn a hole in your pocket. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Today, we bring you the affordable office chairs available on Amazon.

Why Do You Need a Quality Office Chair?

A study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that ergonomic office chairs can significantly reduce musculoskeletal pain and discomfort experienced by office workers who sit for long periods. Before we dive into our top picks, it’s essential to understand why a quality office chair is a worthwhile investment. For starters, the right chair supports your posture, reduces back pain, enhances productivity, and promotes overall well-being. Additionally, ergonomic chairs can alleviate pressure on your hips and help reduce the risk of developing circulation issues.

5 Best Affordable Office Chairs on Amazon

Now that we’ve covered why you need a quality chair, here are our best 5 affordable office chairs available on Amazon, each under $300.

Chair 01: FYLICA Ergonomic Office Chair

Color: Grey
Material: Nylon, Iron
Item weight: 41 pounds

Affordable Office Chairs


  • Ergonomic Design: The FYLICA office chair is designed with a highly adjustable headrest and lumbar support to ensure maximum comfort during long periods of work.
  • High-quality Materials: This chair is made from a breathable mesh material that allows for proper air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.
  • 360-Degree Swivel: The swivel function allows you to move around with ease, promoting flexibility and mobility in the workspace.
  • Brand: FYLICA.
  • Material: Made with quality Nylon.
  • Product Dimensions: 63.5D * 68.8 W * 134.6H centimeters.
  • Product Weight: 41 Pounds.
  • Speciality: Passed the BIFMA test and 1136 Kg static pressure


  • Comfort: The chair’s adjustable features ensure you can modify it to fit your body perfectly, providing you with a comfortable seating experience.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, this chair is built to last.
  • Easy Assembly: Comes with clear instructions making it easy to assemble.
  • 360-Degree Swivel: The swivel function allows you to move around with ease, promoting flexibility and mobility in the workspace.


  • Difficulty to Clean: Cleaning options are limited with mesh back chairs.

Chair 02: SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Item weight: 
17 Kilograms

Affordable Office Chairs


This SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair offers a comprehensive range of adjustments to provide personalized comfort and support. Built for durability, the chair has a heavy-duty metal base and a double backrest design for greater lumbar support. The adjustable headrest and armrests are designed to fit your body perfectly, promoting better posture and reducing muscle strain. The high-density sponge cushioning ensures a comfortable seat for long hours of work. The chair also comes with a breathable mesh backrest to maintain a cool and comfortable sitting environment.

  • Brand: SIHOO
  • Material: Aluminium Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 72D * 68.5W * 125H
  • Speciality: Passes the BIFMA test and static pressure of 330 lbs.


  • Adjustability: The chair’s numerous adjustable features allow for a customized seating experience.
  • Support: The double backrest design offers enhanced lumbar support, reducing back pain.
  • Comfort: The high-density sponge cushioning and breathable mesh backrest ensures all-day comfort.
  • Quality: The chair has a sturdy and durable build with a heavy-duty metal base.


  • Assembly: Some customers found the assembly process to be challenging and time-consuming.

Chair 03: MIMOGLAD High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair

Color: Black, Grey
Material: Nylon, Foam
Item weight: 
30 Pounds

Affordable Office Chairs


  • Brand: MIMOGLD
  • Product Dimensions: 16.53D * 19.68W *50.78H
  • Material: Made with solid metal and foam seat.
  • Product Weight: 30 Pounds.
  • Speciality: Passed a commercial test and hold weight upto 150 Kgs


  • Maintain Right Posture: Provide full-body support with adjustable features to improve your sitting posture and maintain it for long hours.
  • Lumbar Support: Lumbar support will provide maximum support to your back and avoid the issues of backpain.


  • Size: Due to its high-back design, it may not fit under all desk types.
  • No Breathable Mesh: The chair is fully covered in leather, which may become uncomfortable in hot weather.

Chair 04: Ergonomic Swivel Chair with headrests Mesh Backrest

Color: Black, Grey
Material: Mesh
Item weight: 
20.46 lbs


  • Brand: FDW
  • Material: Mesh, Metal, Nylon
  • Item Weight: 20.46 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23D * 23W * 40.2H
  • Frame Material: Metal


  • Easy to assemble: The chair is easy to assemble as it comes with all the required tools and accessories. Anyone can assemble the chair with help of these tools.
  • Mesh Back: Reduce the heat at the back and makes you fully comfortable by good ventilation and cooling with a quality mesh back.
  • Full Body Support: Multi-angle adjustable headrest and good lumbar support provide you maximum comfort while working for long hours.


  • Polypropylene: This material is easily affected by oxidation.
  • Difficult to Clean: Having mesh back rest which is a little difficult to clean, so needs high maintenance.

Chair 05: SIHOO M57 Ergonomic Office Chair

Color: Black
Material: Mesh, Aluminium, Nylon
Item weight: 
18.9 Kg

Affordable Office Chairs


  • Brand: SIHOO
  • Material: Aluminium, Mesh
  • Product Dimensions: 30.31D * 13.39W * 25.59H
  • Product Weight: 18.9 Kg
  • Speciality: Recommended by Ergonomics Application Association and passed several tests like cushion impact test, handrail fatigue test, and foot static pressure test.


  • 3-D Adjustable Armrest: SIHOO M57 provides you he 3D adjustable armrest.
  • Breathable Mesh Backrest: This feature prevents discomfort from overheating, making it perfect for long hours of use.
  • Adjustability: With its customizable features, this chair can be tailored to fit your personal comfort.


  • Assembly Required: Some users might find the assembly process tedious and time-consuming.
  • Armrests are not padded: As the armrests are not padded so, some users may face the issue of strain on their hands if kept for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a good office chair?

When buying an office chair, consider factors such as adjustability, lumbar support, seat material, wheelbase, swivel, and price.

How much should I spend on an office chair?

You can find a variety of high-quality & best office chairs for under $300. However, it’s worth spending a bit more for a chair that provides excellent support and comfort.

How often should I replace my office chair?

The general rule of thumb is to replace your office chair every seven to ten years. However, this depends on the chair’s quality and how much it’s used.

Can sitting in an office chair cause back pain?

Yes, sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods can cause or worsen back pain. This is especially true if the chair doesn’t offer proper support. It’s crucial to take breaks and stretch regularly.

Are mesh office chairs better?

Mesh office chairs offer excellent ventilation, keeping you cool throughout the day. However, they might not provide as much cushioning as padded chairs.


Choosing the best affordable office chairs is essential to your productivity and overall well-being. The above-listed chairs provide comfort, support, and great value for money. We hope this guide assists you in making an informed decision.

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Please note that prices and availability are subject to change. Please verify the product price on Amazon before making a purchase.

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