Best sitting position for lower back pain

Best Sitting Position for Lower Back Pain

Nothing is more painful than lower back strain when doing essential tasks in front of your desks. It feels like the last work you are completing. Sometimes the inflammation becomes so high when you try to sit on the chair. However, by learning some good postures, you can potentially get rid of this pain. In this article, we are going to describe the best sitting position for lower back pain. Stay with us.

The best sitting position for lower back pain:

There are many reasons behind lower back pain. Sometimes it starts from injury to muscles and tendons. Sometimes for carrying excessive weight, it put pressure on the spine. Or even it may occur for disc injuries, arthritis, and many more. Anyways, here we will come to know some general tips for best-sitting postures. After properly maintaining, you can get good back healing.

Ensure the perfect backrest angle

The ameliorate care of your back while sitting bears great significance to reduce lower back pain. Thus, you must ensure the absolute backrest angle between you and the chair. As the suggestion of the ergonomist, the total backrest angle will be between 100-110 degrees. By reclining at this angle, you can ultimately reduce back pain by far. In another sense, some researchers said that a 135-degree reclining angle is ideal if you have back strain as it takes less pressure on the spinal disc. 

Get the correct knee angle

Don’t ignore the position of your knees. Here also, you should take your knees in a perfect angel. Around 90 degrees or slightly more is best, and keep your feet flat on the floor. In this position, the total body posture can put enough support over your thighs. Otherwise, the blood circulation will not be balanced and will encourage back pain.

Having good lumber support

Good lumbar support is also very much important. A more extended setting may put pressure on the spine and lead to worse back posture, which causes lower back pain. In this case, at first, you must choose such an ergonomic chair that has enough lumbar support. Moreover, you have to put the whole pressure on your hip, not on your back. You can take an extra support to your back to heal back strain.

Proper armrest         

If you have an excellent & supportive armrest to your ergonomic chair, ensure the best use of it. Thus, it will support your arms and hands and decrease enough weight on your back portion. So, keep in mind that you are choosing the right chair and placing your arms on the armrest while working. 

Avoiding overstretching 

It must be noticeable that you will not overstretch your body while sitting and working at an office desk. The expert said that when you overstretch your back muscle for any reason, it will put pressure on the back vertebral disc, which may cause pinched nerves and lead to lower back pain. So, you should be careful about it and arrange your workspace in such a way.

Proper headrest position       

Don’t wonder to see this section. Yes, a headrest is also essential to heal back strain. If you are in front of a desktop, be ensured that your screen is not so far from you so that you do not have to tilt your head upward. It will put pressure on the spine. You must ensure the comfortable position of the headrest.

Neutral sitting positions for lower back pain:

Best sitting position for lower back pain

A neutral setting balances muscles, joined, and bones, ensuring perfect alignment while sitting. In other words, when you keep your body postures totally in a relaxed position, it reflects the term of neutral sitting. In this case, one can quickly minimize the extra force of the tendons and muscles. Ultimately it will put less stress on the lower back. Thus he can prevent back strain by maintaining it properly.

There are several types of neutral sitting. Like

  • Declined sitting
  • Reclined sitting
  • Supine sitting

In declined sitting, we tilt our body posture on forwarding position where we put a few bodyweights on thighs and knees. We tilt in backward angel in reclined sitting, and in supine sitting, we mean almost lying on the back. All these three postures lessen spinal stress and reduce back pain.

No more awkward sitting

When someone sits in awkward postures, we know it as awkward sitting. While sitting on this type of posture, put extra pressure on our bones, muscles, and nerves. In short, it’s just the deviation of the neutral position. You may have to extend more force during working in these postures. This is one of the major causes of lower back strain.

There have many types of awkward postures that you just need to know. Suppose you are sitting in front of the desk, and you have to twist his waist continuously to reach the desk due to taking things far from the desk. In another sense, the height of the desk is too high or extremely low. For this, your waist has to extend when doing the tasks. All these postures are like enemies of the spine that elevate back pain.

Taking home remedies

Many of us prefer to have home remedies instead to encounter drugs. Moreover, they are free from side effects and help to relieve pain for meanwhile. Besides having good posture, you may try these home remedies for lower back pain:

  • Sit with an ice pack: If you feel inflammation because of high strain, you may take some tips for temporary relief. The ice pack will help to reduce inflammation. So, you may apply some ice cubes to your strain area for 15 minutes, and this will provide you with enough relief from back pain.
  • Use a heating pad: As we know that heat increases blood circulation. It can also apply to the strain area. If you have soreness, spasms and tightness to the back, you should try a heating pad there for 15-20 minutes. Apply this process twice or thrice a day.
  • Use a lumbar pillow: You may use a pillow as support for your lumber while sitting. It will provide you with a good posture and help fill the gap between the spine and the seating area. Thus, it will help to reduce lower back pain.

Final Verdict

We hope our guidelines help you enough to know the best sitting position for lower back pain. All of the steps will work as therapy. By maintaining these in your daily life properly, you can assuredly prevent lower back strain so far.

Thanks for reading.

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