Are Armrest Good for Ergonomics

Are Armrest Good for Ergonomics?

Many people wonder about “are armrest good for ergonomics or not.” We are going to discuss the topic through this post.

The correct answer depends on the consideration of some facts. When someone goes for choosing armrests chair, there should notice that if the figure of the chair goes to the criteria of ergonomics. The armrests are good for ergonomics when the user ensures neutral sitting postures. To get a detailed conception, stay with us. 

What we mean by armrest in a chair?

After hearing the term armrests, the first thing that comes to our mind is a resting place for your forearms. It mostly seems in chairs, whether in the desk, office, or gaming chair. Basically, the armrests are developed in a padded or upholstered shield at the sideways of a chair.

There are several figured armrests are found in the chair. Like a T-shaped armrest, looped armrest, or adjusted armrest. But in all cases, this arm placement aims to provide comfort while working in front of the desk.

Why armrest should have an office chair?  

When the matter comes working long hours in front of the desk, it can’t be without sitting on an ergonomic chair. In all ergonomic chairs, proper armrests are adjusted to provide comfort during a long working period. Additionally, they are essential for ensuring good health. Sitting on without armrests chair for ling time promotes neck or shoulder pain. The fact is impossible for those who already have that strain. Also, to get postural benefits at the workstation and lessen the overload on muscles of the upper body, there must be armrests in the chair. 

Characteristics of ergonomic armrest

Some facts must have an office chair armrest to turn it in ergonomic. The researchers also agree that proper ergonomic armrests will ensure the highest comfort. Without wasting time, let’s have a look at the characteristics of ergonomic armrest:

Adjustment of height:

An ergonomic armrest has accurate height adjustability. It seems that the armrests are high enough to reach the desk easily or low enough to go under the desk when it is needed.

Adjustment of width: As with height, adjustability of the width is also a vital feature of the ergonomic armrest. But as the shoulder width is different for every person thus, armrests should be in such a position that they can be moved easily to get closer or farther away from the body’s upper portion.

Adjustment of length:

Length adjustability means moving forward or backward to relax in good forearm postures. It must not be so high or too short of creating discomfort.

Pivoting armrests:

It is an important feature that is most likely found in the shape of “V.” The pivoting armrest offers you to assume your wrists in comfortable postures in different arm positions and to prevent a user from slouching forward.

Flip-up armrests:

With this feature, one can flip up the armrest when it is not in use. It is helpful in the case of short working space.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, our complete article is helpful to know the details about are armrest good for ergonomics. Thank you for staying with us.

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