Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair

Office Chair VS Gaming Chair || The Differences Described

If you are curious to know the fundamental factors which differ a gaming chair from an office chair, this guide is for you. Here we have briefly described the Office chair VS Gaming Chair.
In our article, you will come to know a clear polish explanation of the features of a gaming chair comparatively an office chair. Continue reading!!

What is an office chair?

An office chair is mainly one type of swivel desk chair designed for office work. It features a variety of ergonomic adjustments and designs to provide high comfortability in longer working hours. It has various shapes and sizes to fulfill different working needs.

What is a gaming chair?

To all gaming, enthusiasts have a common word, and that is a gaming chair. It is designed to provide comfort and all support while gaming. It bears a high definition of ergonomic adjustments for racers. But nowadays it has been used in different desk work also. Its features correspond to most of the racing cars’ seat styles.

At a Glance: Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair

Office ChairGaming Chair
Wingless Back
Fixed lumbar support
Medium back support
Medium to low reclining
1D or 2D armrest
Bucket seat
Fixed headrest
Stylish look
Winged back
Detachable lumbar support
High back support
High reclining degree
3D armrest
Flat seat
Adjustable headrest
Standard look

Key Points to differ an office chair from a gaming chair


Office ChairGaming Chair
The office chair first prefers comfortability as it plays a vital role in the office working. Then it goes for its design.  Gaming char’s priority is its overall look, which is much stylish and elegant than an office chair. It has standard and contoured aesthetic designs made for racers.  


Office ChairGaming Chair
In this case, a regular office chair is more comfortable. It features all ergonomic adjustability. To spend long hours at the office, people show interest in an office chair. It has all known features and is easy to handle, providing high comfort.  When it plans to spend long hours in front of a desk, a gaming chair can also be a better option, as it features some ergonomic adjustments. It will not be uncomfortable for a long time working, but it takes time for users to be compatible with its high adjustments.  


Office ChairGaming Chair
An office chair is wingless in the backrest, providing minimum back support, but not as much as a gaming chair.In the case of the backrest, a gaming chair is a winner because it has a better option of reclining the backrest at various angles. It allows for sitting dynamically by switching the backrest reclining degrees.  


Office ChairGaming Chair
An office does not have many armrests adjustments comparatively a gaming chair. Most of the office chairs come with fixed armrests.  You will get a highly adjustable armrest in a gaming chair. It offers you to adjust the armrest in a variety of positions.


Office ChairGaming Chair
An office chair also has headrests function, but it does not bring high back support with a proper head and neck support in their design like a gaming chair.   Gaming will provide you with high headrest comfort with complete neck support. How? Because it offers removable head pillows to recline the neck.

Lumbar Support

Office ChairGaming Chair
Office chairs tend to feature fixed lumber supports. Moreover, you will get proper lumbar support in height adjustments in a lower-budget office chair.  In this case, gaming chairs have detachable lumbar support. Having height-adjustable lumbar support turns them a better option than an office chair.

Reclining Function

Office ChairGaming Chair
An office chair offers a medium level of backrest reclining. A standard office chair doesn’t let users enjoy a high recycling function like a gaming chair.  You will get a high level of backrest reclining or tilting options in a gaming chair. Some of them have as far as 180 reclining degrees capability. 


Office ChairGaming Chair
An office chair comes at a lower price than a gaming chair. You will get a standard featured chair for $100 to $150.  Gaming chairs are expensive. It starts from $150 to $200, having not all ergonomic features. The high ranges value for $300-$450.

Final verdict:

We hope this article helps you come out to know the best answer of “Office chair VS Gaming chair” and the right directions to pick your next working chair.

Thank you for reading!!

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