Steelcase Gesture with Headrest

Steelcase Gesture with Headrest | Complete Review with Pros and Cons

The best chair of the world- what could be? There are thousands of models and hundreds of renowned chair companies, so defining the best is challenging. But this Steelcase gesture is so over the top that, after researching about it, anybody has to admit that the Steelcase gesture with headrest is the most exciting and the best chair in the world. Steelcase furniture is the world’s most prominent office setup furniture manufacturers. And as so, their chair, Steelcase gesture, is one of the most excited and famous ergonomic office chairs for its best headrest plus lumbar support. According to numerous experts, Steelcase’s gesture is renowned, but this chair is also the best in the world. In terms of comfort and because it is long-lasting, it has been widely appreciated worldwide.

Despite being expensive, it has been sold worldwide that which can be called an enviable success. But what makes it so popular? This mystery will be revealed in our today’s article. We’ve done an in-depth analysis of the chair today, learned countless user feedback, and finally created it for you.

Details at a Glance: 

Steelcase Gesture with Headrest

steelcase gesture colors
Colors: 28 colors are available. 
78 pounds
Weight Capacity: 
400 pounds.


  • Gesture is offering you proper sitting comfort with ergonomic adjustments.
  • The figure is polished with aluminum-based with the connection of licorice fabric. You can choose among 60 scheme color options.
  • It comes with a backrest & the seats have a synchronized moving system, ensuring enough comfort to your body and neck. It will be perfect for long office hours.
  • The seat provides much flexibility with the premium quality figure, will offer you different types of sitting positions with long durability.
  • The Gesture is designed in such a way that will be the perfect fit for your shoulder, relieve you from long sitting pain, and body comfort.

Description: Steelcase Gesture with Headrest

Steelcase gesture is a treat for your back, an aesthetic enhancer for your office setup, and the smartest choice as an official. Just like another busy day, you are spending the whole day sitting, but what makes you surprise that No back pain! Yes, Steelcase gesture with headrest is the latest addition to the Steelcase gesture series, specially produced for people who need a good neck and headrest.

The chair’s comfort is over the top, as it has been made with the best ergonomic design. It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, or just a regular height guy, this Steelcase gesture office chair design is perfectly suitable because of the backrest’s fantastic setup.

The backrest curves are made to hug your back and give you the highest support and proper sitting posture. I cannot resist describing how gorgeous and soft the chair is. The chair comes in more than 20 colors with great frame color combinations including dark frames and light ones.  So It’s an excellent choice for those sensitive to product color.

Features: Steelcase Gesture with Headrest

There are multiple features, personalization options and other exciting features are available in the chair. As one of the most expensive chairs, it has added all the best features Have a look at them:

Personalization Option:

Steelcase offers more than any other chairs regarding flexible parameters. You can personalize your chair through their options. Firstly, you can choose the chair materials. You can choose Between two materials- fabric and leather. If you want the leather-made Steelcase gesture chair, you have to add $320 USD. There’s another option of personalization that is extra lumbar support. If you want to add one, you have to add $22 USD extra with the main value. You can also customize the wheel. For the mat, the wheel is free, and for hard floors, you need to pay an extra $20. 

Adjustable Height:

The height adjustment range of the chair is significant and they offer up to 10 inches. So, the height of your desk won’t matter, you can adjust it as you want. The lowest height of the chair is 47 inch and the highest height of the chair is 57 inches. The gas lifting is made with the latest technology maintaining the highest safety to ensure an upright position. This lifter makes your adjustment experience smoother than a regular mesh desk chair.

Soft Seat Cushion:

A soft seat is one of the best features of a chair. Most of the traditional mesh chair seats are so hard. This wonderful chair always keeps comfort as a priority. And that’s why the seat cushion is made with high-quality fabric which is so soft. Have a look at the exclusive specifications of its seat cushion:

  • The overall depth is 21 inches to 21 ¾ inches. And the upper seat depth is 18 ½. The functional seat depth is 15 3/4″ 18 1/2″.
  • And the best thing about the seat is- it doesn’t tear apart fast and doesn’t become hard over time. As mentioned earlier, you can change the seat materials from fabric to leather. The leather one is comfortable, soft, and durable as well.
  • The seat is wide enough (20 inches) to be enough for people with up to 400 pounds weight.
  • The seat height from the floor is 16 inches and you can adjust it up to 21 inches.
  • Like the best mesh desk chairs, there is a slight 1° seat pan angle to give proper comfort while sitting.  

Excellent Lumbar Support:

The backrest and adjustable lumbar support of the Steelcase gesture are always over the top. The lumber height is perfect for any type of body. The gas lift also helps to change the lumbar height. The excellent backrest is S-shaped and curved enough to give the best support to the lower back and additional lumbar support. These are the detailed specifications of the lumbar support:

  • The backrest is wide enough to give additional lumbar comfort. Its width is 16 ½.
  • The backrest is also made with premium quality breathable and durable fabric.
  • The back lumbar is perfectly shaped ( 4″) to give the best support and natural motion to your body.
  • My most favorite part- tilting angle. To take a rest, have the best comfort while working, a good tilting angle is a must. The tilting angle is great, my favorite- from 98 degrees to 125 degrees.            

Adjustable Armrest:

To call a chair “perfect,” an excellent adjustable armrest is a must. The wrong upright position of the armrest in different works causes shoulder pain. That’s why adjustable, good-quality armrests are significant. Steelcase Gesture offers you the best comfortable and adjustable armrest.

  • The arm is seven 1/4″ inches away from the seat, and you can adjust it up to 11 1/2″.
  • From the floor, the armrest is 23 3/8″ away, and you can adjust it up to 32 11/16″.
  • The arm cam pivot angle lets you fix the most comfortable position. Steelcase gesture offers +/- 15 degrees arm cap pivot angle.

Why Steelcase Gesture is the Best Chair? 

Several companies claim their chair is the best. But why would the experts call Steelcase gestures the best? Here are the reasons:

Best Combination:

This chair is a combination of the highest comfortable ergonomic design and the best durable material long-lasting product.

The journey of Steelcase is not new. They started to lead the office furniture industry in the past century.

Updated Technology:

Over time, their goal was to create the best space to work, and gradually it has a positive impact on the productivity of an office. They are adopting new technologies, researching more than any other company, and experience of almost hundreds of years made them the most trusted company. The Steelcase gesture is one of their best products right now.

Best User Review:

After the release of the product, hundreds of expert critics reviewed the product and customers also. And all of them were so positive. The sitting posture, upright position, lumbar support, ergonomic design, natural motion, and overall durability impressed all.

Value for Money:

We all know, Steelcase types of furniture are costly, as is the Steelcase Gesture. But this chair will ultimately save you money.

Let me explain how. When you buy a low-budget, low-quality chair, you may notice several defects within a year. You need to fix them and spend your money. And after a few times, the chair will be uncomfortable, faded, so you need to buy a new one. Ultimately, you are spending more money, giving delivery costs, having less comfort, and losing more time fixing defects or assembling. But the Steelcase gesture is the one you can trust.

They have a massive reputation for supplying the most durable product that lasts long and remains the same, not faded, not less comfortable. You will get an excellent warranty as well. This Steelcase chair is the ultimate long-term office solution.  

Pros and Cons of Steelcase Gesture

The specifications have already been explained a lot. But here is our expert’s overview after examining the chair for a long time. This consists of our experienced team members’ opinions and user review highlights. Have a look at the pros and cons of Steelcase gesture with headrest:           

  • Comfortable back with a nice curve which helps to give more support than a mesh desk chair. You will feel it like a hug and it will remove back pain.
  • The headrest feature is a new addition to the steelcase gesture world. So definitely, unlike other parts, this part seems very interesting. The curve of the headrest will give you a perfect posture to take a nap.
  • The material used in the chair is very impressive. The company did not reveal what type of fabric was used on the chair, but of course, this is better than a regular mesh desk chair. User overview and critics’ opinions ensure high comfort.
  • The durability of the product is top-notch. Because of its smooth connectors and best fabric, the chair adds a gorgeous look throughout the office.
  • The tilting angle is the best, and you can start moving back anytime. Unlike other chairs, this chair’s back is not adjustable. Only the higher part can be adjusted and make your experience better.
  • The 360-degree rotation is so smooth, as they used the best quality roller tool. Both in carpet and floor: They rocks.
  • The flip-up armrest is excellent.  In fact, this adjustable armrest gives the natural motions of the hand.
  • Too costly to afford and Item weight is more than regular mesh desk chairs.

Final Words 

You may find lots of cheaper options, and even you can see so much best selling tagged chairs too. But Steelcase Gesture is the other name of a trust. Steelcase chairs are considered the best-designed, most comfortable chairs of the century. And Steelcase gesture with headrest has kept the legacy with excellent backrest feature, lumbar support, proper posture, and high-quality materials. I believe choosing the best chair for office setup is smart, and the Steelcase gesture will be your smartest choice.

Last but not least, the Steelcase gesture will always look gorgeous if you take care and clean it regularly. The cleaning process is straightforward because the vacuum is sufficient for cleaning this type of material. Proper care of a product gives it long-lasting good looks and also enhances durability. However, Steelcase gesture will never disappoint you by any specifications, so feel free to order from Amazon and get free delivery.

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