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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review | Pros and Cons

There’s no doubt Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the best chairs in the world right now. This is the world’s best-selling chair several times. Compared to its competitor, the Steelcase gesture chair, it’s pretty budget-friendly. Yet we must have to admit- there’s no flaw in the quality of the chair. Go through our below exclusive article. Here, we have included all the significant information regarding this chair.

What makes Herman Miller Aeron “The Best”?

There are lots of factors behind this. In short, it has the best comfort with the highest quality. Here I’m sharing some most important factors:  

High Build Quality:

If you are buying this Aeron chair, undoubtedly you are buying the best chair on the market. It is featured with all high-quality materials. The production core of this chair is the USA, they don’t leave a single lack to its building. Starting from attractive design to very smooth and impressive features, all are a must to try.

Classic Design:

It’s not a fancy-looking, colorful chair. Hence it is classic, minimalistic and beautiful, which suits everywhere. You can always increase the aesthetic of your place with it.

Excellent Backrest:

The backrest of the chair is ergonomically designed and has adjustability as well.

This Aeron chair is ensuring you the best lumbar support than any other chair on the market. Height-adjustable lumbar systems are enough to cover your back with the best comfort. After testing about 50 chairs, it is recommended chairs in the row of higher lumbar comfort providing chairs. Now if we notice the seat, there is no hassling of the padded seat. The built-in mesh seat confirms the best comfort to your bottom while you are busy at your desk.

Adjustable Armrests:

Aeron is not only good for back and seat support, but also it is high-end in armrest adjustment as well. The versatile adjustability of the armrest is allowing you to rest your arms in your best comfortable position.

Long Durability:

The Herman Miller Aeron is well known for its durability and comfy chair as well. Once you buy it, you can use the chair for a long time, maybe multiple years. The user experience, chair dimensions, excellent comfort, and ultimate quality made it the world’s bestseller despite being so costly.

Recline and Tilting Functions:

If you have the habit of reclining and rocking in the chair, then Areon is a good recommendation for you. It will not only provide your lumber support while reclining but also can be a relaxation factor if you troubling with back pain. The adjusted tension with multiple locking positions adds a newer degree to its ergonomic mechanism.

The chair also functions with forwarding tilting, which is a bonus point in this model. Though it is not so needed, you can use this option in several cases.

High-quality Materials:

The primary material of the chair is metal and fabric. And using recycled things as raw material for the fabric is an absolutely unique, environmentally friendly idea.

Herman Miller Aeron

Color: Carbon, Mineral, Graphite
Size A, Size B, and Size C
Material: Recycled Material, Alloy Steel
Max 43 pounds


  • The Herman Millar Aeron has a tilt limiter so that you will not feel stuck sited in one place. You can adjust it in an upright position or reclined position comfortably.
  • You will get full adjustability settings along with the placing of your arms. While working one can easily adjust or move on their arms on this chair.
  • It will deliver you the best comfort & ergonomic support as it is providing eight zones of fabric setting.
  • You can easily balance the temperature of your body while a long time sitting. The access heat will pass through & even you will not be overheated or sweated in hot weather.
  • It has come in 3 different colors. Black, graphite, and mineral, suitable for all environments. Each color provides enough classy looks.
  • You will get the best performance under your budget with unique designs.

Make Decision: Is Buying the Herman Miller Aeron Chair Worth It?

In this part, we will assure you to make the best decision whether buying the chair will be worth it or not. Hopefully, our assigned below factors will assist you in this case:

Buy this chair:

  • If you are willing to buy a quality chair, whatever the money amount is. Moreover, it will be your long time investment.
  • It will be a good choice if you are hassling with your back pain and looking for a comfortable chair.
  • Are you willing to experience the highest level of ergonomic features in one package? Go through with this chair.
  • Most importantly, you are getting a fully assembled quality chair. 

Avoid this chair:

  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly one.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair to make all the factors clear:

  • The high-quality material ensures durability and comfort.
  • All the adjustable features are available, like height adjustment, backrest adjustment, and armrest too.
  • Best lumbar support and suitable for people with back pain. Breathable seat material and soft padded seat cushion.
  • The chair has a high weight capacity because of its heavy metal base.
  • The gas lift is high quality, and you will stay safe from accidents. The durable casters are also suitable for long time use.
  • Expensive.
  • No headrest option.


Herman Miller Aeron Chair can be your best choice if you want a simple yet classic task chair that will last long. Unlike a low-price chair, it won’t become less comfortable over time. If you need a long-lasting chair, I’d recommend this World bestseller.

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