Respawn 900 Gaming Chair

Respawn 900 Gaming Chair Review | Pros and Cons

Looking for a soft, foamy, comfy chair with the best features? You should try this Respawn 900 gaming chair as one of the best computer chairs for long hours. The Outlook is exceptional at a glance. And the more you look at this chair, you can see exciting adjustable features for long hours of sitting.

There are several reasons, and here I’m sharing the most important deals:   

Affordable Option:

The chair is one of amazon’s best budget chairs with maximum comfort. The optimum comfort of the seat is ensured with an extended floor touched footrest that is exceptional. This best budget computer chair has some exclusive features that are not available in other task chairs.


When using a computer chair for long hours, you may need more than a backrest or headrest. The footrest is also a significant issue to get the optimum comfort. Not only the footrest but the overall comfort of the chair is also top-notch for its adjustable features as the best budget chair.

Extensive Chair:

The chair is vast. This is one of the best features of the chair. Moreover, the chair has so many features. The OFM chair is always best for giving the highest quality material, and this chair is also one of their best collections.    

Respawn 900 Gaming Chair

Color: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White
Wood, Leather, Metal
48.5 pounds

Let’s see the pros and cons of the Respawn 900 gaming chair:

  • Super comfortable and height quality material chair. Very durable and the best chair for long hours.
  • Very lightweight product. You can move it very quickly all over your room. The smooth roller is also perfect for movability.
  • The manufacturer’s suggested weight is 275 lbs. Not way too much for a large body type, but good enough.
  • An automatic reclining system, you can adjust it as you want.
  • Padded armrest, which is very comfortable and soft.
  • The adjustable features are not available. There is no height, armrest, or headrest adjustment option.


Respawn 900 gaming chair‘s design is more like a fancy product instead of a regular task chair. In a nutshell, I’ll call it the comfiest chair for gamers. The quality of materials, design, features, everything is perfectly balanced, as all things should be.  

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