How to fix a sinking office chair

How to Fix a Sinking Office Chair || Quick Guides That Work

Usually, we have to stay longer at our office or workplace. For this purpose, we need to buy a fully supportive & ergonomic featured office chair spending a lot of money where we can work about all day long comfortably. But after using some years, it has started to show some distinctive problems. Sometimes it starts sinking and unable to stay up. It is annoying, stops our work. As we have spent about $250 to $1200 to buy it, we can’t discard it only because of sinking. There need some useful and effective tricks that how to fix a sinking office chair. Thus, we can use it for some more years.

Are you facing this problem right now? Don’t worry. We are here to guide you about how to fix it. Just continue reading!

What are the reasons for office chair sinking?

If you are surprised at your sinking chair, it happens because pneumatic & hydraulic systems have been used to build it. These technologies are used in most heavy machinery. Pneumatic chairs use compressible gases, where the normal chair uses impressible liquid. In the case of hydraulic chairs, there use oil. 

Most of the ergonomic office chair uses the pneumatic system to put maximum weight rather than the hydraulic system used for heavy loads. So the problem begins because of it. There have used an adjustable cylinder or piston with a pneumatic system. It connects with the seat of the chair, lets it move up and down. But after long use, it becomes faulty and starts licking and wear out as well.

However, the main matter is how to fix a sinking office chair. Let’s check the methods for doing it.

How to fix a sinking office chair/desk chair?

There are several methods to fix a sinking chair. But as we are trying to fix it by ourselves, obviously we will need some dying methods that work. Here we will suggest some effective methods to fix a sinking office chair. Check out these!

1. By oiling the components:

Sometimes it may cause sinking for the lack of proper lubricants. In the need of oiling, it may jam the parts. 

So first we should try by oiling method. Apply lubricants to all the components of the chair to smoothen it. You can also use a spray oil bottle to oiling the nut, screw along all other parts properly.

2. By using a hose clamp: 

Here you need:

  • A hose clamp
  • A screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • Jubilee clip

Step 01:

First, you have to slide the plastic skirt of the chair’s cylinder. As we have mentioned above, it holds the total weight of the chair. You need to slide the tube gradually until the underneath is opened.

Step 02:

Then you set the chair’s height according to your desire. The height of the seat should be level up to your knee when you are in a standing position. If you aren’t able to stand it just lays it at the side.

Can’t able set it? Don’t worry. You can also adjust it by the cylinder. For that, you need to remove the skirt and turn the chair upside down.

You can use a screwdriver for easily doing it. When you are done, slide the wheel back on.

Step 03: 

After that, wrap a hose clamp or jubilee clip around the cylinder. You can use about a 3 cm clip. Then, loose the screw and slightly pull out the belt, Here you have to wrap but let not it tightens up so much.

Step 04:

When the wrapping has done, you need to tighten the grip of the clamp around the metal cylinder. You have to do it tightly as it helps the chair to stand up.

3. Fix with a PVC pipe:

Here you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Any cutting device
  • A PVC pipe

Step 01:

First, you need to measure the height of the cylinder. For that, slide the plastic tube away from the cylinder. Then, measure the height, width & circumference of the cylinder. The measurement can be the same or some longer so that it can easily fit with the cylinder.

Step 02:

Now it’s time to cut the PVC pipe according to the measurement, Put safety wearing on your hand before cutting.

Use a hacksaw or any other sharp cutting tool to cut it. Let’s start cutting only from one side. If you take it risky, we have also an alternative option. Just remove the wheelbase of the chair and slide the pipe instead of cutting.

Step 03: 

Then, you have to do the most important part. You have to insert the pipe into the cylinder. For that, simply push the PVC pipe against the cylinder and fix it tightly. 

If you see that it doesn’t cover the whole cylinder, you need to add some more pipes. Cut into small pieces and add them until you reach your desired height. As a result, the pipe will stay up the chair gradually.

4. Replace the pneumatic cylinder:

If you want a permanent solution about how to fix the sinking office chair, you will need to replace the pneumatic cylinder of the chair.

Some people will take it risky to do the two methods mentioned above. Also, here it is not ensuring total safety as the cylinder has been licking the gas. So the best suggestion is to remove the damaged part and replace it with the newer one. 

Also, the other methods are temporary, can’t give you a professional look as before. So, if you want to get adjustability as before, we recommend replacing the cylinder, which will not be much high in price.

Final verdict:

If your office chair is sinking, it is impossible to adjust to it while working. You must know how to fix a sinking office chair otherwise you need to replace it to ensure comfortable seating like before.

If you feel trouble collecting all the tools for fixing it, you can buy the ready-made kit. Hope our guide has helped you to get rid of this problem. If not, contact a specialist. 

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