How To Disassemble Office Chair

How To Disassemble Office Chair?

While moving from one place to another or changing the gas cylinder, disassembling is a must. The challenge of disassembling is not breaking any part, not forget where the screws were fitted, and lastly, but not losing any screw. Without a tutorial or expert, the task seems confusing. Because not every chair is the same, some backrests are not detachable, some armrests are comfortable to remove, and some are not. Overall, there are so many differences. That’s why I highly recommend using the instruction added that came with your chair. If there isn’t, don’t worry. Here I’ll explain how to disassemble office chair without breaking any parts.

How to Disassemble Office Chair- 

Remove the wheels: 

Go for the wheels first because when mobility works, your disassemble will be terrible. This part is easy, You may pull off the wheel with your hand, or if there is any joint, you have to use a screwdriver. After detaching, you should keep the screws accordingly.

You may not be able to do this only with a screwdriver. So, in that case, you need a pry bar, and with that, you can pry out the chair’s caster.

Pull off the headrest:

Not every chair has a headrest feature. And most of the time, the headrest of a chair is easily detachable. Do it in the second phase because once you pull it off, the movement will be more comfortable. All you need to do is detaching the headrest only by the pull of, or if there is any joint, you can use a screwdriver.

Go for the armrest: 

Let’s make the chair smaller. Now you have two critical things to detach, the first armrest and the second the chair’s body. The chair’s body detaching is more complicated so Let’s start with the armrest feature.

Do the armrests have to be always removed? A big No. Because not every armrest is detachable, some are fixed with the chair itself. So, check it properly first.

In two ways, usually, armrests are attached; they can be slid into the slots or just added with a screw. Check them, and then you can use flat head or crosshead screwdrivers as you need.

Detach the body: 

Detaching the body is the most complicated part because disassembling the gas cylinder is challenging and risky. The upper body or back portion may be undetachable; you should check it first. If it isn’t, you should use a pry bar to pry off the screws.

The modern chair usually uses a gas cylinder. This is difficult to remove. But here I’ll explain briefly to make it easier.

Detaching gas lift: 

It would be best to have an adjustable wrench, screwdriver, and a rubber mallet to detach the gas lift. Use the wrench at first to remove the four bolts of the joint mechanism. Then you can pull off the upper side of the chair and move it away.

Now you have to detach the base from the cylinder part. With the rubber mallet, gently hit the floor. After removing the ground, the next thing you have to do is removing the mechanism in the same process.

If you can’t detach the mechanism, you have to use heat to separate it. Heat the mallet a bit and use it again.  

Final Words: 

When I first tried to do it, the experience was terrible because I didn’t know how to disassemble office chair. After dismantling, the most critical task is not losing any screw. Because if you lose one, you may not find the same design or quality screw again. So, keep them safe and don’t forget where to use them while assembling also. Don’t be too hurry, do all the tasks with patience to make any mistakes. Happy working!

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