Should I Use Armrests While Typing

Should I Use Armrests While Typing? Significant or Forbidden

You are here because you are concerned about your health issues, even in the workplace. That’s an astonishing fact, first I appreciate you for taking care of yourself. Because in this busy era of working, we run after everything but ignore our health. Especially when we are doing desk jobs all day, most of us severely ignore the fact that sitting and typing all day long can be injurious to health. If you are a writer or a typing expert, you have to check on the body positioning entirely, including the armrest. A popular question that arises in all typists’ minds is, should I use armrests while typing? Well, this article is wholesome for you, I’ve included whether you should use an armrest or not, its effect, etc. 

Armrest- The Ergonomic Feature

The armrest is one of the oldest and basic ergonomic features. From the earliest centuries, people started to build chairs with armrests. Don’t think various designs of the armrest are a new addition. The earliest proof of a chair, painted in a tomb in Egypt, shows us how fashionable the chair was. But unlike this century, there wasn’t any office chair option. So armrest was a premium feature, mostly seen in affluent families those days. But the 21st century is different, and life is more manageable, almost we all can afford an ergonomic office chair with an armrest. 

Is an Armrest Necessary?

Yes, it is. An armrest may look like a simple addition but you will feel the importance of it in a second. But We need an armrest and not only an armrest, a perfectly shaped armrest. Yet sometimes we become confused about the significance of using armrests in different activities.

Well, that’s your choice, if you want to use it, you would. If not, you wouldn’t. But everything has an “ideal style”. So, considering health and other issues we get confused. Should we always use an armrest, like

should I use armrests while typing?

No, you shouldn’t. Alright, keeping your elbows on the armrest may seem comfortable for you instantly.  But it affects us in the long run. Using an armrest for a long time can be bad for your muscles and other parts. Unlike back support or lower support, this feature is not always for use. 

Armrests while Typing: Significant or Forbidden?

Come to the most frequently asked question of typists and writers, even the office management team, whether I should use an armrest while typing or not

The answer is, No. Don’t use an armrest while typing because this small comfort will bring immense discomfort. Well, let me explain. Our source of support for the hand is our shoulder. Shoulder gives us support to stay still in a specific position and work. But when you use the armrest of the chair, your elbow becomes the point of your support. And soon, your forehand will get tired, losing all the Energy. While using the armrest, your typing may also get slower gradually, become weak, and you will get tired soon. 

This is the fact we all ignore because we can’t find out why it’s happening. Then what is the best position to keep your hands while typing? So, what I suggest is, just let the shoulder and elbow hang free while typing. It’s good for your muscles and bones.  

Effects of Using an Armrest

Long time you are using armrests while typing may lead you to dangerous side effects. You can feel pain in your shoulders and back. Also, your muscles may become stiff and less flexible. Most of us don’t experience these things, because we don’t write too often and regularly. But these problems are common in regular typists and writers. So, if you are already in it, don’t be late to go to your physiotherapist or doctor.  

Looking for a home remedy? Yes, there are some practical ways to eliminate the pain. The solution is daily and effective shoulder, elbow, and muscle exercises. Here is one thing I’m adding extra if you are doing a desk job, join the gym immediately because your body needs exercises and physical activity to keep fit, which is not possible in your workplace. 

How Often Should You Use an Armrest?

I’ve been forbidden to use armrests while typing, but don’t get me wrong, and I didn’t suggest avoiding it forever. No, that’s not a good thing. In fact, an armrest is highly recommended when you take a rest. Even during typing, you may stop and use your armrest to have fresh and better feelings and then get back to your work again. Here are my simple tips for you, use an armrest while “resting”. So, it will be your happy companion, not an ominous and drastic threat. 

Which Type of Armrest is Best for Typists?

As you can see, a typist doesn’t always need an armrest. So, for you, I will suggest the most comfortable and best type of armrests that will make you feel fresh instantly and reduce your tiredness. How should your armrest be? Let’s see which features you need to have. 


3D adjustable armrests are now so common. In this era, it’s the best option for anyone. The 3D armrest can be adjusted left and right, up and down forward and backward as well. This is a must because a fixed one can never be good. Even if you are not a typist, Don’t ever buy a non-adjustable chair. The height should be adjustable, but I also prefer adjustable armrests, which can be moved up-down, left-right. However, if you don’t find a 3D one, height adjustability is okay.  

Soft and foamy

This is not suggested for all, especially those who use the armrest too often. I’ll suggest it for those who use the armrest only to take some rest. 


The straight armrest is almost rare in modern ergonomic office chairs. However, still, there are some straight arm options, don’t go for them. 


As I love writing, I always research which things are suitable for a writer’s health. Also, which things should we avoid? My list is big. For a long time, I was confused about whether I should use armrests while typing or not. I used an armrest while typing and got back pain soon. If you are already facing it, don’t be worried. You can get well soon by exercising. Don’t miss the shoulder and elbow exercise. Try to add some weight training to your exercise chart, because strengthening your muscle is the best way to be fit. 

And most importantly, don’t buy a non-adjustable office chair. Because if you can’t adjust your armrest or the chair’s height, how can you stop putting your elbow on the armrest? An ergonomic, adjustable chair is the best healthy companion for a desk job holder. So, don’t be late to collect your good friend, the right chair. 

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