How To Adjust Office Chair For Lower Back Pain

How To Adjust Office Chair For Lower Back Pain?

Right after working an hour on your chair, back pain is on your door, ringing the bell. Now you have to stop working and take a rest. But is it the solution? A sedentary lifestyle is a curse for those people who have back or neck pain. But do you know, your sedentary lifestyle is not the only cause of your back pain? Even the position of your chair, the adjustment, the system of resting matters. So, adjusting your office chair can make a difference. But the question arises, how to adjust office chair for lower back pain? 

But before going to that part, first, let me introduce the ergonomic office chairs. Because an ergonomic office chair is a crucial point of getting rid of back pain through a chair. 

Ergonomic Chair: Why is it Important? 

About hundreds of years ago, most people didn’t live a sedentary lifestyle. So the design of their chairs Didn’t have unique features. The chairs have been made for just sitting for a while for centuries. But this era is really tough. 

We’ve to sit for a long time in the office because that’s how the world runs. There’s a famous Saying, modern problems have modern solutions. So the gradual increase of back pain has to be managed somehow, and people have made a particular type of chair named ergonomic office chair. 

Let Me Share How to Adjust Office Chair for Lower Back Pain

An ergonomic office chair is extraordinary and unique. They are made for supporting your body so that you can sit for a long time on the chair. These office chair’s structure is definitely different. And in the last few years, after starting to use the ergonomically designed chairs, my back pain has almost vanished. They are so comfortable to sit in. The popularity is noticeable because when you start using it, you will feel the same as me. 

But what is the same feature that has made it unique and better than a regular chair? Most of the chairs are straight, like our ancient design wooden chair we still use on our dining table. The Traditional wooden chair will only help you to sit. But does it support your lower back? Absolutely No. Does a regular chair give the middle and upper comfort of your body? Slightly yes. Is it offering a headrest? No, I’ve never seen so. Is the armrest good enough? No, they are uncomfortable. 

Not saying a regular chair is so bad, my intention Isn’t that. A regular wooden or plastic chair is fine until you sit for 6-8 hours on it. The ergonomic chair has all these features that a regular chair doesn’t have. And this is harmonious for health. You can never adjust your chair until you start using a good ergonomic chair. The ergonomic chair features are so popular that almost every office is setting up with an ergonomic chair instead of a regular chair. After all, it takes care of employees’ health, and so far, it improves productivity.

Features You Need to Remove Back Pain

An ergonomic chair offers all the features that are significant to remove back pain. 

Let’s have a look at them. 


How can you adjust your chair if it doesn’t have any adjustability? And this is so common on a regular chair. My preference is always getting an adjustable chair, as all of our body shapes and height are different. Let’s give an example of an adjustment problem. 

Suppose, your height is 168 cm. How can you sit on a chair which is made for 155 cm? Not only the height, the back, and the armrest should also be adjustable as they need to be also customized. 

Back support: 

The back support can be divided into three parts. The most significant part is your lower back support which is the main cure of lower back pain. This is such a significant part, in my opinion. Because most of the regular chairs don’t focus on it. The lower back is the part Where most people feel pain. So excellent support on your lower back area would be mesmerizing. But my preference is more. 

Upper back support- the second and common one. Then what’s the specialty? Well, the upper back support of an ergonomic chair is so soft. Sometimes I’ve seen some of them contain foam. This gives you much comfort when you sit for a long time on a busy office day. 

And lastly, the neck support. Even many ergonomic chairs miss the part. The headrest feature may be used 1 or 2 times a day. So eventually, many companies don’t feel the necessity of adding a headrest. But I’ve experienced, a headrest can boost your comfort 2 times more. This is so healthy and helpful for removing neck pain. But is neck pain related to lower back pain? Well, doctors say, chronic pain may give you the feeling that the pain is all over your back. So, don’t ignore the neck pain. 

Improves Your Comfort: 

The back pain can only be removed through a chair when you can get comfort. Let me share one of my experiences. I started using an ergonomic chair in my office first. Then I became a fan of the thing. So I ordered another one for home and guess what, my family members are ordering more for their study or work. Why does it happen? The answer is comfort. An ergonomic chair gives your body the most comfort and stamina to work long. As I mentioned before, an ergonomic chair also helps to boost productivity.

Adjustment of Office Chair to Remove Back Pain

Let’s come to a vital point, how to adjust office chair for lower back pain. You can adjust your body with the chair in a particular way if you have some back pain. First, I want to warn you, avoid carbs and change bad food habits. They are essential for being fit. Now, how can you adjust your body with a chair? For a fixed chair, it’s not possible if it doesn’t match you accurately. However, the adjustable chair is a part, you have to do a lot more things. 

Support Correct Posture: 

You may sit straight, you may like curves. But which one is right for health? The solution is so simple. Just use the natural posture of the body and let the chair be adjusted. Having support in posture can reduce the chance of having back pain. The posture support becomes useful when you are a patient with upper back pain. Not every ergonomic office chair is giving the same service. Some of the chairs are offering headrests, some are not. 

As already mentioned, a headrest makes your chair so comfortable. An ergonomic chair may be made of bad materials and have other problems too. So, adjusting the chair according to your posture is not an easy task. Most of us don’t understand what measure is good according to height. Don’t make it too low. And you should also focus on the armrest. You may think the armrest is not significant, it’s not a right dude. Your hands are connected to your shoulder. Eventually, your neck pain can be caused by the wrong positioning of your arms. 

Adjust Armrest: 

The adjustment of the armrest in different works helps reduce the pain of muscle fatigue. Usually, your hands hang on the two sides of the chair, but when it takes a long time, you may feel inadequate. An adjustable armrest is so relaxing. You can adjust the height when you are typing or writing or doing any other work. I love how easy the process is, just increase it or decrease it, whenever you need. 

Adjust The Back Part: 

 Some ergonomic chairs offer more. They are offering backs that can be moved forward and backward. This is absolutely amazing, and you can rest or work hard through the same chair if the feature is added. When you are working straight on your desk, you should keep the back part straight to give you proper support while working. This support will help your muscle to stay relaxed through working. And when you are checking any file, having a coffee, or even want to have a nap to be refreshed, you can push the chair backward. This feature is not common but excellent. 

Final Words: 

This is not a single thing, the entire process consists of using an ergonomic chair and how to adjust it when you have back pain. Prevention is better than cure. We all know the fact, so don’t let your lifestyle affect you so adversely. I’ve met many patients with back pain, even at an early age. The reason behind the lower back pain includes the wrong use of a chair. So, you need to be focused on it. So, must follow the process of how to adjust office chair for lower back pain. Not only a chair and sitting style, eat good food with fruits. That Will be a benchmark for YOU if you can remove the back pain following my tips and tricks. 

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