How to Remove Cylinder from Office Chair

How to Remove Cylinder from Office Chair?

Removing a gas cylinder from an ergonomic office chair is a complicated and tricky task. Not only that, without knowing how to remove cylinder from office chair, your attempt to detach may create danger at any time. So, gas cylinder removal has to be considered more carefully than you think. But first, let’s see when you should remove the gas cylinder. 

When to remove cylinder:

Gas cylinders are used to make seat height adjustable, lower the height or higher. This significant part of the chair may get defective, and most of the time, the chair starts sinking. And all of a sudden, you have to remove the cylinder and get a new one. However, you may change it if you feel uncomfortable while moving or adjusting. 

Things You Need for How to Remove Cylinder from Office Chair:

adjustable wrench, screwdriver, and a rubber mallet.

Step 1

First, take the adjustable wrench, and you have to detach the joint mechanism. The joint mechanism generally has four bolts. With an adjustable wrench, you can pull off the bolts. So, now the upper part of the chair is detached. 

Step 2 

The second step is detaching the base from the cylinder and separating the base, and you have to use the rubber mallet. With it, you have to hit the base. But don’t do it roughly because it may break. Gently give pressure and detach the base. 

Step 3 

Detaching the mechanism is almost the same as separating the base. So in this process, you have to hit the mechanism gently to remove it from the main part. And as mentioned before, hitting hard is not a good idea. Do it with patience. 

Step 4 

If step 2 and 3 doesn’t work properly then follow this step. If it already worked, then no need to think about it. Sometimes hitting with the rubber mallet is not enough because the base or mechanism joint seems too hard. But don’t hit them hard because it may break. So, in this case, you should heat the machine to detach it easily. Because when you heat a substance, atomic motion causes its length to shrink. This is why heat is extremely helpful in opening any hardened object.


A difficult issue may arise; that is, the cylinder may explode. This is because the piston’s pressure can develop a kind of spark that can lead to a big accident. Most of the time, this is due to poor quality products, and many times, it can be due to negligence. Therefore, all steps should follow very carefully and seriously when removing the cylinder to avoid such accidents.


Special care should take while removing the gas cylinder. Maintenance should be carried so that each one is followed slowly. If you find it difficult to get the job done, you can hire someone who knows How to remove cylinder from office chair. However, if you follow the rules slowly, you can easily open them properly.

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